19 hilarious things kids actually said to their parents

This is sure to bring a smile to your face.

19 hilarious things kids actually said to their parents

This is sure to bring a smile to your face.
  • Kids say what they think (and sometimes their honesty is a little too blunt). Here are some hilarious things kids actually said to their parents:

  • 1. This kid has some serious connections

  • Kids say the darnedest things ? #notesfromkids

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  • 2. "I love you ... but most of all, I love Rainbow Dash"

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  • 3. At least he's being honest

  • #notesfromkids #mademyday

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  • 4. Kids are so innocent

  • My kids, got to love ❤ them! #funnythingskidssay #kids

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  • 5. Kids get tired, too

  • #monday #notesfromkids

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  • 6. Kids pick up on your slang

  • What'd I do now??!!! - Note from my 7yo. ?? #lifeWithKids #kids #NotesFromKids

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  • 7. "What would happen if we didn't have lips?"

  • 8. "Do not disturb"

  • I can't tell you how much I love this❤️ #kidsnotes #nyckids #kidwriting

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  • 9. You won't have to tell this kid twice to put their shoes on


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  • 10. Giving God parenting advice

  • Larry with some solid advice. #notesfromkids #funnychristian

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  • 11. Even when they're mad at you, they know they still need you

  • Sent Little Miss to room, this was slid under door 5 minutes after. Haha

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  • 12. "Mom, are these pigeons waiting for the train, too?"

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  • 13. There's no mom like your own

  • #noteformum #kidsnotes #note #mummy #kidsarefunny #momsarethebest #noteformom

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  • 14. "There are boogers in your ear"

  • "There are boogers in your ear." Welllll thanks Dr. C.

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  • 15. This looks suspicious

  • notes from kids sleepover night #kidsnotes #kidswriting

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  • 16. We have a little Sherlock Holmes here

  • Ella knows too much. #kidsnotes #kids #elementaryschool #note

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  • 17. This kid is putting in his order

  • 18. You can?

  • Found this golden nugget in the bathroom today, should I be wary? #kidsnotes #bathroomnotes

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  • 19. Kids are a handful, but at the end of the day, we are reminded why it's all worth it

  • Day 12 - It's the little things. #lmaaugust #notesfromkids #rewarding

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