9 sentences a committed woman should never say to another man

These phrases are not innocent. If you are married, try to avoid them.

9 sentences a committed woman should never say to another man

These phrases are not innocent. If you are married, try to avoid them.
  • Marriage requires adapting. Both of you have to make sacrifices to make the relationship work. You don't have to stop being who you are or approve everything your husband does, but it is important to remember that certain friendships and conversations with third parties should be avoided to avoid potential embarrassing or dangerous situations for your relationship.

  • So, if you want to make your relationship work, avoid saying these nine phrases to other men:

  • 1. "My husband doesn't understand me"

  • It's not wise to speak ill of your husband. This phrase can cause other men to believe that your relationship with your husband is in jeapordy. You don't want to feel intimacy with any man other than your husband.

  • If something bothers you about your husband, talk to him. Only the two of you can solve the problem.

  • 2. "I love talking to you"

  • This is another phrase that creates a strong bond other men. You can talk to other men, but not in an intimate way. By saying this, you show him that you appreciate his company and that he's important to you.

  • 3. "Thanks for the compliment, you look great today too"

  • Being praised once or twice is not a problem, but if it's constant, then you should be suspicious. Don't be rude to someone who is complimenting you, but be wary of excessive compliments.

  • Not all men who compliment you want something more, and most women have a sixth sense for when they do. If you think he wants more than friendship, try to cut ties with him.

  • 4. "Do you think I'm thin?"

  • Do not seek compliments from other men. Don't ask another man if he thinks you're beautiful, smart, thin or whatever else. These questions imply that you want other men to notice you.

  • You should only ask your husband this sort of question. He is the one who should notice you and praise you.

  • 5. "My husband is traveling, so I'm alone for the week"

  • You can say this to friends and family, but there's no valid reason why you should say this to another man. This phrase gives the impression that you want the man visit while your husband is away. Your friends and family can keep you company.

  • 6. "I wanted to have fun tonight, what are you doing?"

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  • Don't seek an invitation to spend time with him. You shouldn't go out alone with another man, even if you consider him a friend. Go out with your husband. He is the best company you can have.

  • 7. "It's been awhile since my husband and I have been intimate"

  • No other man needs to know this information. If something is missing in your marriage, you should talk with your husband.

  • 8. "We're just friends, so there's no problem"

  • If you need an excuse for your behaviors toward other men, it's a sign that they are inappropriate. If your husband is uncomfortable with your friendship, you should end it.

  • 9. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

  • The only time this question is okay to ask is if you want to introduce one of your single friends to him. Otherwise, this information should not interest you.

  • Respect the commitments you made with your husband and avoid saying these phrases to other men.

  • This article was adapted and translated from the original, "Frases que uma mulher comprometida nunca deve falar a outro homem" It was originally published

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