20 reasons cats are the worst (but really the absolute best)

If you have a cat (or twenty), you'll totally get these cat posts.

20 reasons cats are the worst (but really the absolute best)

If you have a cat (or twenty), you'll totally get these cat posts.
  • There are dog people and cat people...and some who like both. But for anyone who has a cat in their life, they know cats have their own way of thinking that just defies logic.

  • These posts prove that cats just do whatever they want, whether it makes sense or not.

  • 1. We don't play with toys intended for animals, only human toys

  • #catlogic #funny #friday ?

    A post shared by Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc (@peterzippifund) on

  • 2. Drink water from my bowl? Absurd!

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  • #catlogic

    A post shared by Marta Popescu (@martapopescu) on

  • 3. Today, I am a dish

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  • 4. This was yours? No, it's mine

  • 5. This is proper use of a pillow, human

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  • 6. I will not conform

  • So true! #catlogic #catdecisionmaking #ifitsisits #teamcatmojous #catfunnies #cat101

    A post shared by Blink (@blinkblackcatandfriends) on

  • 7. Please rub me. Now stop

  • #catlogic #catsareassholes #catsknowwhattheywant #repost #cats

    A post shared by Lacey Thornton (@pnwandproud) on

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  • 8. Thanks for getting off my chair

  • #catlogic

    A post shared by Rachel Woodall (Adams) (@rachel_woodall_) on

  • 9. This looks like a nice warm spot for a nap

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  • 10. Organized and prepared to carry out our plan

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  • 11. No one will recognize me in this disguise

  • 12. What did you expect?

  • Two types of cat toys ? My cat prefers the toilet paper still on the roll ? #Catlogic #weirdos

    A post shared by Samantha Jensen (@jicnationrepsammay) on

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  • 13. My owner bought me a sun shade

  • Buy expensive toys, only like the box. @9gagmobile #9gag #instacat #catlogic

    A post shared by 9GAG (@9gag) on

  • 14. I don't work for my food

  • Couldn't help but share! Cats are so silly! #catsofinstagram #cats #catlogic #veterinarymedicine #vetmed #funny

    A post shared by Gallardo Family AnimalHospital (@gallardofamilyah) on

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  • 15. How else do you determine if our servant is alive?

  • #catlogic

    A post shared by Im A Meme Terrorist (@september_eleven) on

  • 16. This is how it happens

  • #catmemes #catladyforlife #oneday #catlogic #giggles #kitty #herewego

    A post shared by Nicole Kendricks (@nikki_kendricks) on

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  • 17. I determine your boundariesand my own

  • #catlogic

    A post shared by Bobbie Ann Milam Mayfield (@bobbie_mayfield) on

  • 18. Wake up and play with me! I slept all day and now I'm ready to play

  • #catlogic

    A post shared by camila (@cutie_catsxoxo) on

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  • 19. Which jacket will make my fur show up the best?

  • #CatLogic

    A post shared by Stephanie (@neverlettinggo51411) on

  • 20. I didn't say touch me!

  • Cat logic

    A post shared by Steven Medich (@colorblind_adventures) on

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  • Sorry, humans. Cats are in charge and they do whatever they want. Resistance is futile.

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