20 jobs moms can do from the comfort of their homes

Need to earn a bit of cash? One of these 20 jobs is bound to fit your lifestyle and interests.

20 jobs moms can do from the comfort of their homes

Need to earn a bit of cash? One of these 20 jobs is bound to fit your lifestyle and interests.
  • Moms already work full-time taking care of their children, but these jobs allow you to earn a bit of money without messing up your daily routine:

  • 1. Blogging

  • Starting your own blog is easy, but earning money with it can be difficult. Sites like Wordpress, Wix, Blogger and Weebly allow you to create your site for free. There are lots of ways people have made money by blogging, like these four women.

  • 2. Freelancer

  • Look on Mediabistro, Flexjobs, Upwork, Hire My Mom and Freelancer for jobs you can start on. To know how to get started look here.

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  • 3. Copywriter/Editor

  • May of the same sites that look for freelance writers also are looking for editors, like Flexjobs and Hire My Mom.

  • 4. Transcription

  • Transcription involves taking audio files and typing them out. Look on Flexjobs, Speakwrite and E-typist for jobs in this field.

  • 5. Translation

  • Sites like Appen, Flexjobs, Clickworker and Lionbridge are all looking for people who are willing to translate documents into various languages.

  • 6. Author

  • Start writing and see how it goes. Sites like Radish Fiction or Wattpad allow you to publish your work as your write it and get feedback from other authors and readers. There is an option to earn money on those sites as well.

  • 1. Direct Sales

  • Companies like The Pampered Chef, Dove Chocolate Discoveries, Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Herbalife and Tupperware send you products to sell from your homes. You can find similar jobs at Direct Sale Said.

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  • 2. Data Entry

  • These jobs can be found at Flexjobs, ClickWorker, Dion Data Solutions, Hire My Mom and Up Work

  • 3. Bookkeeper

  • If you want to learn how to be a bookkeeper, and how to make it into a business, go here. Jobs in this field can be found on most job search engines including Hire My Mom.

  • 4. Customer Service Representative

  • There are many companies who are willing to let you work for them from home. You can find a job in this field at Arise, Vip Desk, LiveOps, Convergys, Flexjobs, Careers, Working Solutions and The Smart Crowd.

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  • 5. Virtual Assistant

  • Check out People per Hour, Up Work, Zirtual and Hire My Mom for jobs that require you to assist a business man or woman. This job plays well and is usually very flexible.

  • 1. Virtual Teacher

  • You do need to have a teaching degree, but you can teach through pre-recorded lessons or via skype. Check out K12, Connections Academy and Vipkid.

  • 2. Virtual tutor

  • You can do this job virtually or in person. General tutor jobs can be found at Sylvan Learning, Tutor, Tutorvista, Tutor Zilla and Flexjobs. You can find jobs for teaching English too at Gofluent and Learning Light

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  • 1. Search Engine Evaluator

  • Foreign language skills are often encouraged in this job, but anyone can do it. You can find this job at Leapforce at Home, Appen, Flexjobs and The Smart Crowd.

  • 2. Website Tester

  • This simple "job" will not earn you lots of money, but it is easy and can be done while you sit on your couch. Sign up at User Testing, User Lytics and User Zoom to get started.

  • 3. Web Designer/Developer

  • These two jobs do have differences, but you can find jobs in both of these categories on 99Designs, Krop, Coroflot and Hire My Mom.

  • 4. Tech Support

  • People always need help with their computers and so companies are always looking for technologically savvy people to help them out. Search for jobs at Apple, Computer Assistant and Dell.

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  • 1. Stylist

  • If you have a good fashion sense this job will have you smiling. Sites like Stitch Fix, The Penny Hoarder and Glassdoor will have opportunities for you to put your fashion skills to use.

  • 2. Mystery Shopper

  • It shouldn't be too hard do this job throughout your day. Sign up on Best Mark, Sinclair Customer Metrics, Marketforce, Rewardable and/or Gigwalk.

  • 3. Survey taker

  • This is not a job, but an easy way to earn cash. Sign up for as many survey sites you can like Darwin's Data, Pinecone Research, Paidviewpoint, Harris Poll Online, Point Club, Opinion Outpost and My Survey.

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  • Job board sites like Real Ways to Earn, Indeed, Flexjobs and Hire My Mom will help you in your search to find the perfect job for you.

  • In each of these categories, beware of scam jobs. If there is no business information or you can't get a hold of a person to talk to them about the job, don't give away any of your information. That being said, don't be afraid to find the job that works well with your life! There are many options that are sure to fit into your schedule and match your interests (and give you a little more spending money).

Stacie Simpson is a FamilyShare staff writer. She loves listening to, gathering and sharing stories and advice to help others improve their quality of life. She spends most of her free time with her husband, ballroom dancing, reading and writing.

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