20 tips for exercising in every season

Don’t let the weather hold you back! You can exercise during every season of the year.

20 tips for exercising in every season

Don’t let the weather hold you back! You can exercise during every season of the year.
  • No matter the season, you can squeeze in a productive workout. Here are 20 tips for exercising in every weather condition:

  • Winter

  • 1. Hit the gym

  • Now is the time to invest in a gym membership if you want to stay out of the cold. Research the gyms in your area and set a schedule for when and how often you will go.

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  • 2. Make your home the gym

  • You don't have to leave the comfort of your home to get a decent workout. Pop in a workout DVD or even just walk in place while folding laundry or watching television.

  • 3. Plan

  • Take this time to set goals and create a plan of action. Don't forget to include meal planning! Eating right and exercising go hand in hand.

  • 4. Play in the snow

  • Have some fun with your kids out in the cold. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight or make a snow angel while burning those calories.

  • 5. Try a winter sport

  • If you've never been skiing or snowboarding, now is the time to try something new! Make it a group activity by inviting your family and friends.

  • Spring

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  • 6. Exercise while watching television

  • Spring is a great time to be outdoors, but it is also a good time to enjoy air conditioning. Walk in place or do sit ups while you watch your favorite television show. This gives you something else to concentrate on, making your workout a little easier.

  • 7. Pick up yoga

  • Are you into yoga? If not, consider giving it a try. A four-year study showed that overweight adults who practiced yoga once a week lost five pounds, regardless of their eating habits. For a simple and relaxing way to lose weight, make yoga a part of your routine.

  • 8. Run in the park

  • The flowers are blooming. Leaves are starting to grow on trees. Enjoy the beauty around you while exercising and go for a run in your local park.

  • 9. Stroll through the neighborhood

  • The weather is starting to warm up so take advantage of the not-too-hot but not-too-cold weather by going for a walk. You can bring the family along, too.

  • 10. Take advantage of spring cleaning

  • Spring is a time to deep clean your house, but it also gives you a good workout. Turn on some music and sing while you work.

  • Summer

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  • 11. Register for a race

  • Sign up for a race whether it is a 1-mile race, 5K, half marathon or marathon. There is something available for anyone with any amount of skill - from a walker to a sprinter. To make it even more fun, run with family and friends.

  • 12. Schedule your jog

  • Decide what time of the day would be best for your jog or walk. You won't want to be outside at the hottest point of the day but you can get out before the heat of the day hits, or schedule your jog for the evening.

  • 13. Hike

  • The kids are out of school for a few months, so this is a perfect time to take a family hike! Pack a lunch and head outside for a fun day of exercising.

  • 14. Spend outdoor time with the kids

  • Get out the sprinkler, set up the water slide or fill up the water balloons. Summer is a great season to spend time with your kids while also getting a workout by play outside.

  • 15. Swim

  • Cool off with a dip in the pool. You can make this exercise as casual or as intense as you'd like. You can swim laps, or you can bring your kids along for a fun day in the water.

  • Fall

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  • 16. Fill your extra time with exercises

  • Fall is here, and the kids are back in school. Use the first 30 minutes after they head out the door to exercise. If you have kiddos who aren't in school yet, then you can do a few exercises in your own home, or put your infant in the stroller and enjoy a morning walk together.

  • 17. Reevaluate your goals

  • The year is almost over. Take a look at the goals you set at the beginning of the year. How did you do? Make adjustments or keep goals that you want to have another go at. You've still got a few months left of the year, so keep persevering!

  • 18. Sign up for a class

  • Many classes start in the fall. Have you always wanted to learn to dance? What about karate? Don't be afraid to try something new. Consider bringing a friend along to learn together.

  • 19. Switch up your routine

  • As the weather gets colder, it can be difficult to stay motivated to get out and exercise. Change up your routine to keep yourself committed. Try making Monday, Wednesday and Fridays walking days, and reserve Tuesdays and Thursdays for indoor workouts such as situps or pushups.

  • 20. Take an afternoon walk

  • The chilly fall air provides ideal temperatures for a cozy stroll. Invite your sweetheart out for a walk together. Along with some exercise, you'll enjoy time with just the two of you.

  • Whenever you slip out of your routine, don't get discouraged. Just pick up where you left off! Take it at your own pace, and focus on competing with yourself and no one else.

Shaelynn Miller is a staff writer for FamilyShare who has a passion for writing, video production and photography.


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