13 moms tell us what they really eat

#momdiet isn’t what you think it is.

13 moms tell us what they really eat

#momdiet isn’t what you think it is.
  • To all the moms (and dads) who think they are the only ones sneaking bites from their toddler's cold lunch, or who just found yesterday's toast still sitting in the toaster - you are soooooo not alone.

  • 1. So, what did you have for breakfast?

  • 2. Celebrity or not, it's a mom thing

  • 3. Pretty much

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  • 4. At least someone gets to eat like a king

  • 5. Can't wait to see what's for lunch on day 1,507

  • 6. Soggy cereal's a parent's favorite

  • 7. Purse snacks for the win

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  • 8. The Dark Side of parenting

  • Parenting, in a nutshell. #starwars #momlife #iwasgoingtoeatthat #momdiet

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  • 9. Hide and seek becomes all too real when pudding is involved

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  • 10. "What are you eating?! I want some!"

  • 11. Because you are not sharing

  • 12. Cold lasagna is a delicacy

  • 13. "I only like the frosting"

  • #momdiet the leftover bits of donuts the boys don't want

    A photo posted by ashley (@calypso722) on

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  • Here's to sneaking treats during nap time, pouring yourself a glass of milk to go with those graham cracker crumbs and finding lunch at the bottom of your purse. Enjoy your #momdiet while it lasts!

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