9 things every wife needs to do on Valentine's Day

Do you want to make the day special for your man? Here are some brilliant, sweet ideas for the day that celebrates your love.

9 things every wife needs to do on Valentine's Day

Do you want to make the day special for your man? Here are some brilliant, sweet ideas for the day that celebrates your love.
  • February 14th is a day filled with hearts, chocolates and enough roses to fill a dozen football fields. But, if you find yourself doing the same thing for your husband year after year on that fateful day, perhaps it's time to spice things up?

  • Although sweet kisses and spending time together is always romantic, here are nine ideas every wife can do for her husband to make Valentine's Day memorable:

  • 1. Breakfast in bed

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  • Treat and surprise your man with French toast and bacon before he even has to leave the cozy comfort of your bed. Sneak a few kisses in there as well to jumpstart your hearts to take on this day of love.

  • 2. Heat things up

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  • If you two would rather have a quiet night at home instead of going out tonight, share a giant blanket, turn on the fireplace and roast some s'mores together. Make this a time for cuddling and just enjoying each other's company.

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  • 3. Compliment him

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  • Let him know just how handsome you think he is and note all the things you love about him. He surely knows how much you adore him on all other days of the year, but make him feel extra special on the day that celebrates your love.

  • 4. Leave him valentines

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  • If he's home for the day, hide some valentines around the house where you know he'll find them. If he's going to work for the day, leave them in his car, his wallet or even sneak some love notes and hearts in his desk the day before to shower him with love throughout the day. He will love the thoughtfulness of this gesture.

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  • 5. Be sentimental

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  • Make the day even more special and surprising for him by recreating your first date you went on, or one of your favorite moments you've ever spent together. Or you can be extra nostalgic; cut out hundreds of hearts with lovely messages on them, gather some old photos of you two together and hang them all around the house to surprise him when he comes home.

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  • 6. Build a fort

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  • Building a blanket fort together could lead to one of the most romantic and cozy nights of your marriage. Not only will it remind you of simpler times together, but you can spend the night snuggling in your fort while having a movie marathon, stealing kisses or having a picnic inside.

  • 7. Plan a romantic game night

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  • Play some of your favorite board or video games together. You can even play them with a twist; Twister, for example, can become a flirtatious, colorful game by adding matching paint colors to the colors on the mat. Playing this way will add some memories to your Valentine's Day.

  • 8. Make him a gift

  • The best kind of gift to receive is one meant just for you. Get your creative juices flowing and craft something he will always treasure. Here is a video full of ideas to make the perfect gift for him.

  • 9. Plan a surprise "getaway"

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  • This Valentine's day, plan an overnight trip in the next town over or set up a "staycation." Before he comes home for the night, create an international atmosphere in your home; play background music from a certain country and put sayings in different languages all over. From the moment he comes through the front door, he'll be in Paris or Shanghai. You can give him "plane tickets" a "room key" and order (or cook) French or Chinese food and watch a romantic movie that fits with your theme.A night like this will be one to remember.

  • Whatever you choose, fill your Valentine's Day with love and appreciation for your husband, because he truly is the other half of your heart.

Chakell Wardleigh has a Bachelor of Arts in English. She spends her days silently (mostly) correcting others' grammar. She adores all things nerd, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare, and anything else that whisks her away from reality. She currently works as an editor for the FamilyShare team. You can usually find her with her nose in a book, laughing too loudly, or belting out songs from Hamilton.

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