10 things women don’t do to get men's attention, but men are attracted to

ATTENTION GIRLS! He might be watching right now, and you probably don’t know it!

10 things women don’t do to get men's attention, but men are attracted to

ATTENTION GIRLS! He might be watching right now, and you probably don’t know it!
  • Interestingly, many of the things that stand out to men, women do unintentionally. They never intend to impress a man by it, because it's just a natural habit or gesture.

  • A woman enchants the male audience when she:

  • 1. Smiles

  • A study published in the American Psychological Association reveals that women who smile are more attractive to men. Psychologist Jessica Tracy, who led the study, said, "Women who smile are absolutely very attractive. That was by far the most attractive expression women showed."

  • 2. Touches her hair

  • Men love charming women, and they cannot resist a hair stroke. (But they don't like one that's too forced or over-the-top.)

  • 3. Helps out

  • Another study suggests that helpful people are more attractive, even if they are not as physically beautiful.

  • 4. Embraces motherly instincts

  • The maternal instinct is one of the feminine attributes that melts the hearts of most men.

  • 5. Wears glasses

  • Many men claim to be attracted to women who wear glasses. Glasses symbolize intelligence, thoughtfulness and wisdom — all things a quality man is attracted to.

  • 6. Wears sweatpants and ponytails

  • Yes, they appreciate those times you dress up extra special, but men also love a woman who can be at ease around them. Men like seeing a woman as she really is without all the beauty props.

  • 7. Walks gracefully

  • Just listen to the lyrics of "Girl from Ipanema" for an example. The song was inspired by a woman whose graceful walk led Tom Jobim to compose the song that became a Brazilian classic of international fame.

  • 8. Expresses herself easily

  • Being both a good communicator and having the ability to express how you feel is attractive to men, because it's something many men struggle doing.

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  • 9. Smells good

  • Who doesn't like things that smell divine?

  • 10. Is herself

  • Authentic women who don't stress to get a man's attention, are the ones men usually notice. People naturally reject superficial, forced behavior, so when a man sees a woman who is herself, he's naturally drawn to her.

  • Ladies, you're likely underestimating how beautiful you truly are. Embrace your natural qualities and don't stress about trying to be someone you're not for the man you are interested in. Be yourself and those who matter will be drawn to your genuine personality.

  • This article has been translated and adapted from the original, "10 coisas que as mulheres não fazem para atrair a atenção dos homens, mas acabam atraindo assim mesmo," which was published on

Erika Strassburger is Brazilian, mother of three cute and funny boys. She earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration 20 years ago. Now, she works as a freelance writer and translator. She loves oil painting and ventures sometimes in this artistic work.


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