5 little ways a husband makes his wife feel gorgeous without saying a thing

Husbands, you have more influence than you know.

5 little ways a husband makes his wife feel gorgeous without saying a thing

Husbands, you have more influence than you know.
  • Dear husbands,

  • I hope you understand the power your admiration has over your wife. As independent and confident as she may be, knowing you think she's amazing is validation she craves. But we know expressing those feelings can be hard to do.

  • These five small things mean the world to your lady and will show her just how beautiful she is to you.

  • 1. Put away your phone when she's talking

  • Make eye contact with your wife when she is talking to you. It sounds simple, but she definitely notices when she has your full attention.

  • According to a University of Essex study, couples who have a conversation with a phone nearby reported less trust in their partner, and a lower quality relationship. Make sure she knows she's more important to you than the halftime score.

  • 2. Keep your eyes (and words) focused on your wife

  • Your wife knows she doesn't have the corner on the world market of beauty - but she should to you. You likely notice, even if it's accidental, that there are many other beautiful women. It doesn't need to be discussed. If you compliment another woman with words you've never used to describe your wife, it's painful to her (no matter how innocent your comments were).

  • Instead, praise your wife and your wife only. Don't let your eyes linger when you notice someone else. It's amazing for your wife to know you only have eyes for her.

  • 3. Block any pornography

  • It's 2017, so there's no doubt you've seen some pornography before. But always, always, always run away from it. Nothing will make your wife feel more despairingly inadequate than you looking at pornography, and nothing will make her feel more valued or adored than you choosing to not let it in your life.

  • A study by Fight the New Drug showed that after men were exposed to pornography, they rated themselves as less in love with their partner, and were more critical of their partner's appearance, sexual performance and displays of affection. Don't let that into your marriage.

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  • 4. Give her plenty of hugs and kisses ... just because

  • Little kisses on the forehead, taking her hand when you go to the store, pulling her in for a hug when she gets home from work - these simple gestures tell her you love her. Make sure you do these sweet things always - not only when you're trying to initiate sex.

  • 5. Compliment her efforts

  • She married YOU. It's your opinion that matters most to her. Whether it's a stay-in-bed sick day or one where she conquers the world with her efficiency, she needs to hear you praise her out loud.

  • You may think she already knows you think she's amazing, but, although you don't mean it, your silence tells her the opposite.

  • Feeling beautiful is complicated, and you alone can't convince her that she is. But you can do a so much to build her up in these simple and subtle ways.

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