31 signs he loves you even when he doesn’t know how to say it

It's all about the little things.

31 signs he loves you even when he doesn’t know how to say it

It's all about the little things.
  • When you're in love, you should tell them, right?

  • Yes! You should!

  • Except, mustering the courage to tell someone you love them is the hardest thing you could ever do. Most people may assume it is men who struggle expressing their feelings. Though it happens to both men and women, men have "what if" questions fill their heads and they wonder if it's even worth telling. He might be too nervous for the "what if" possibilities so instead of saying those three little words out loud, he does other things to show his love.

  • Here are 31 signs that he loves you:

  • 1. He makes an effort to turn your bad day into a good one

  • He's the best at reminding you that the sun is still shining.

  • 2. He remembers the little things you say and do

  • And brings them up when he remembers them.

  • 3. He wants to hear about all the details of your day

  • Even the very mundane things.

  • 4. He talks to you on a regular basis

  • All day, every day.

  • 5. The little things he does show that you've been on his mind

  • He can't get you out of his head.

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  • 6. He shares his favorite music with you

  • He wants to share his favorite things with you.

  • 7. He puts you first

  • You matter more to him than anyone else.

  • 8. He asks questions because he wants to know you better

  • The more questions for you, the better.

  • 9. He loves to hold your hand

  • He grabs it all the time.

  • 10. He treats you like a lady

  • The way you should be treated!

  • 11. He enjoys taking care of you

  • And teasing you. A lot.

  • 12. He offers a helping hand when you need one

  • For both the littlest and biggest things.

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  • 13. He remembers the special occasions

  • All of them.

  • 14. He enjoys cuddling with you

  • Just as much as you do.

  • 15. He has adopted some of your mannerisms

  • You tend to be the same person when you're together.

  • 16. He makes an effort to get your friends and family to like him

  • Because if they like him, he has an in!

  • 17. He talks about having a future with you

  • He's in it for life.

  • 18. He makes time for you

  • He wants to spend all of his time with you and only you.

  • 19. He values your opinion

  • He cares about every single thing you say.

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  • 20. He gets anxious when you don't return his calls or texts

  • It drives him a little crazy.

  • 21. He tests you

  • He gets jealous sometimes too.

  • 22. He can't stay mad at you

  • No matter how hard he tries.

  • 23. He tells you what he likes about you

  • Everything about you.

  • 24. His eyes say everything he can't

  • The eyes are a gateway to the soul.

  • 25. You're the first and last person he talks to at night and in the morning

  • Those goodnight and good morning texts mean a lot.

  • 26. He apologizes when he needs to

  • And sometimes when he doesn't have to.

  • 27. He's protective of you

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  • He would do anything for you.

  • 28. He'll always choose you

  • Every time.

  • 29. He touches you in subtle, loving ways

  • A gentle touch means a lot.

  • 30. He blushes when he's around you

  • He's totally into you.

  • 31. His whole world revolves around you

  • He is very much in love with you.

Callie has two Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Communication and when she isn’t writing, she’s reading. Some of her favorite things include Harry Potter, all things Disney, road trips, and telling stories.

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