55 simple ways to make this new year your best ever

You may be surprised at how simple it is to have the best year of your life. Try these suggestions and reap the rewards.

55 simple ways to make this new year your best ever

You may be surprised at how simple it is to have the best year of your life. Try these suggestions and reap the rewards.
  • These suggestions are not resolutions, they are simply ideas to consider adopting into your routine. They can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. They are the kind of actions that will bring peace and contentment to you and brighten the lives of others around you.

  • 1. Greet God every morning with a prayer of gratitude

  • 2. Smile more at loved ones and strangers

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  • 3. Be kind while driving, and forgive others when they are inconsiderate of you

  • 4. Listen to more music that uplifts you

  • 5. Read the comics section of the newspaper

  • 6. Watch just enough news to be informed, but not so much that you become burdened with it

  • 7. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and assume they are struggling with their own problems

  • 8. Forgive someone who has offended you

  • 9. Forgive yourself for mistakes you've made

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  • 10. Call your mom and dad and tell them you love them

  • 11. Call your sister and tell her you're thinking of her

  • 12. Call your brother and ask how he's doing

  • 13. Tell your boss you appreciate the opportunity to work for her/him

  • 14. Compliment a co-worker

  • 15. Be grateful you have a job and notice the things you like about it

  • 16. Give a stranger a compliment while standing in line

  • 17. Tell a struggling young mother that you admire her patience

  • 18. Tell the parents of a baby that their little one is adorable

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  • 19. Pay for a single mom's meal at lunch time-anonymously

  • 20. Pay your bills on time and feel the relief

  • 21. Thank the mail person for delivering your mail

  • 22. Breathe deeply and feel the renewal it brings

  • 23. Eat more vegetables

  • 24. Eat more fruit-try some new ones

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  • 25. Drink more water

  • 26. Read a few passages from your Bible before going to sleep

  • 27. Go to church

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  • 28. Memorize a passage of scripture that particularly uplifts you

  • 29. Memorize the first and last verses of the national anthem

  • 30. Fly the flag on national holidays and be grateful for a great nation

  • 31. Plan a weekend getaway with your spouse, and follow through

  • 32. Surprise your spouse with his or her favorite candy bar

  • 33. Tell your husband you think he is still heart-throbbing handsome, or your wife that she's still drop-dead gorgeous

  • 34. Read a story to your children

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  • 35. Kiss your kids goodnight and tell them you love them

  • 36. Listen to your teenager as he or she babbles on about what matters to her

  • 37. Go to a game or concert where your child or grandchild is participating

  • 38. Praise your child for something he or she did well

  • 39. Tell your mother what a terrific grandchild she has, within ear shot of that child

  • 40. Thank your child's teachers for all they do

  • 41. Visit a sick neighbor

  • 42. Take a simple meal to a homebound neighbor, then stay and eat with them

  • 43. Give blood to the Red Cross

  • 44. Read a good book and recommend it to friends who also might enjoy it.

  • 45. Watch a funny movie and enjoy a few belly laughs

  • 46. Write in your journal-it's therapeutic

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  • 47. Apologize to someone in your family you may have offended

  • 48. Send an email of gratitude to a public servant, your local fire department or police force

  • 49. Tell someone in the military that you appreciate their service

  • 50. Take a walk and notice what a beautiful world we live in

  • 51. Recognize yourself as good person and stop being so hard on yourself

  • 52. Snuggle with your spouse every chance you get

  • 53. Tell your husband that you love him, or your wife that you love her

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  • 54. Thank your spouse for the little things he/she does for you

  • 55. Say a prayer each night and thank God for all He does for you

  • When you make a habit of these suggestions, you are bound to have the best year you've had in a long time. 2017 may well be your happiest year ever.

Gary Lundberg is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Joy is a writer. Together they author books on relationships.


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