8 ways opposites have the same love troubles

Think opposites deal with different love troubles? Here are 8 ways very different people deal with the same dating dilemmas.

8 ways opposites have the same love troubles

Think opposites deal with different love troubles? Here are 8 ways very different people deal with the same dating dilemmas.
  • It's easy to think opposites would have very different love troubles. But it turns out people with different personalities have eerily similar dating dilemmas. Here are eight ways opposites have the same troubles in love:

  • 1. Shy and lively

  • Both shy people and overly boisterous folks can seem off putting to others. Shy people may come off as a bit snobbish by not interacting with others. While loud and energetic people can look obnoxious and attention seeking. It can be a bit alienating for someone who doesn't know their inner motivations for remaining quiet or being noticed.

  • 2. Introvert and extrovert

  • It's good to note that being shy and being introverted are not exactly the same. Introverts are more satisfied in smaller crowds and need to be alone to relax and reenergize. Shyness is more about fear of social judgment and holding back. Extroverts are not always loud and obnoxious either. But they tend to feel better around other people and get depressed and uncomfortable spending too much time alone. Everyone is somewhere on the Introversion/Extroversion scale (no one is 100% either). So, finding a perfect match can be difficult for both types.

  • 3. Brainy and brawny

  • Whether you like your life smart or simple you still need to find someone that fits into your routine. People who focus on intellect and rousing conversation will be bored by people who focus on physique and pushing their bodies. Athletes and adrenaline junkies will be equally bored by people who spend their lives philosophizing and dating. Here it's thinkers vs. doers.

  • 4. Traditional and progressive

  • Conservative, traditional people will need to pair up with others who hold the same views. More liberal and progressive types may also have a hard time finding people who view the world as they do. Since many people fall somewhere in between being further on the end, it can make the dating pool much smaller.

  • 5. Type and "no type"

  • People with a specific "type" like to date, but need to be careful about picking the same bad partners over and over. Likewise, people who have absolutely no type run the risk of never figuring out what actually works for them and what doesn't. They don't know what traits they're looking for from one partner to the next.

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  • 6. Wealthy and struggling

  • Those who have don't want to be used for their lifestyle. But someone who's struggling is similarly insecure about everything they don't have. Both feel vulnerable at the possibility of being rejected for not providing what a partner expects from them financially and socially.

  • 7. Homebody and adventurer

  • A homebody would make an adventurer stir-crazy. And an adventurous person would either never be home and leave their partner lonely, or drag them along on uncomfortable excursions. They are so comfortable in their routines that a well-balanced partner wouldn't be able to keep up or slow down enough to enjoy themselves. They each need someone their speed.

  • 8. Family-oriented and independent

  • Someone who is looking to marry and start a family very soon can quickly scare potential partners away. Those who wish to remain in an unmarried and/or childless relationship can seem selfish or uncaring. Both can seem so set on their future that they may come off as inflexible and idealistic; making plans instead of enjoying love.

  • Everyone wants to find the right person. But sometimes what we put out doesn't reflect who we are. So, if you see someone who seems so different from you, they too may be having the same troubles in love as you.

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