20 things men look for in women while they are in a relationship

Your main goal should be to make him happy and put a smile on his face every single day.

20 things men look for in women while they are in a relationship

Your main goal should be to make him happy and put a smile on his face every single day.
  • Sure, it can be easy to comprise a list of qualities that men look for when they are on the hunt to find someone, but what about when they already have someone? Does a list of things still stand?

  • No man is the same but every woman can get a generalized sense of what their significant other expects from the relationship, and especially from the woman in it.

  • Something to keep in mind is that you're only human, and being everything that your man wants you to be is not how it works. In fact, most successful relationships are based off of people fixing certain qualities they lack so that the relationship will improve.

  • You cannot give your man every perfect quality that every women has out there, but that is the beauty in it because you will be able to give him more than just being a Barbie doll.

  • 1. Faithfulness

  • Singularly the most important quality on this list is how faithful you are to your partner. You got into a relationship for a reason; prove to him that all of your heart belongs to him and that he is the man that you are continually choosing to keep in your life.

  • 2. Patience

  • Let's be honest here: with most men, it just requires us to practice our patience! Men appreciate that when we are because they know that sometimes they can become a handful. Having a woman that can continue to encourage him and stay in composure only enhances his gratitude.

  • 3. Respect

  • Always keep this abundantly clear in the relationship. Your man does not demand much for you but in this you should never falter to give him respect. Don't ever degrade him- that is how you lose respect for one another. Keep each other on that pedestal and the respect will remain mutual.

  • 4. Humorous

  • You don't need to make your man roll on the floor dying of laughter but you at least need to know an easy way to put a smile on his face. By cracking a joke with him every now and then you will keep the relationship fresh and your love alive.

  • 5. Self-confident

  • Do this for yourself, practice your self-confidence. Every day when you look in the mirror tell yourself: you are beautiful, you are kind, you are intelligent and you have a man in your life that recognizes and adores all those things about you.

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  • 6. Supportive

  • Behind every king is a queen that carried him when he could not. You are the queen to your king, be his backbone and the foundation he relies on for help when no one else will offer it. This not only proves to him you will be there through it all but also makes your relationship bulletproof.

  • 7. Humility

  • Someone that knows how to put someone else above themselves is an example of the type of woman a man can hold onto forever. Understanding that not everyone has what you have and giving back in the spirit of a kind-hearted woman. He will see that, and he will be inspired by your actions.

  • 8. Unpredictable

  • Nobody likes to come home every day and repeat the same day over and over again for the rest of their lives. Keep the relationship interesting by throwing in some spontaneity, by doing so he will stay interested in you.

  • 9. Honesty

  • Experts say that this is the number one trait that most men look for in women. It is rare to find someone who can easily be themselves with someone they seek to impress. But once he realizes that you are being sincere with him, he will understand how much you matter to him.

  • 10. Reasonable

  • Both men and women love to disagree, maybe it was because we were hardwired so differently that it is hard to agree on one truth. Regardless, it is important to see that in any relationship you need to negotiate and reason in order to make your relationship the priority; he will notice your effort in trying hard to make debating run smoothly.

  • 11. Challenging

  • Men love a little challenge, it will keep him on his toes, it will surprise him, it might even make him question some of the things he believed. The point is that all these impacts on his perspective will happen because of you. Not only is that desirous but it is really attractive for a man.

  • 12. Enthusiastic

  • Men love to see women get excited over something, anything actually. For this reason, they are entertained with our joy and energy. I dare you to take the time to observe your man's face the next time that you get worked up over something. His grin is something that you will want to keep in your memory.

  • 13. Witty

  • Intelligence is attractive- men love a woman who knows her stuff. The playing dumb act is overrated and quite frankly a man in a relationship wants to show off a woman that is brilliant. So, watching that documentary on Netflix for once might help you in the long-run.

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  • 14. Productive

  • Most people have a hard time with this in relationships, understandably. Some days you just want to be lazy and not seem put together; this is where men find women unproductive. Which is not necessarily true because the same can go for men, they just get away with being lazy much easier than most women do. Ensure that you are not becoming a home body by taking up a hobby or choosing to do something you're passionate about.

  • 15. Kind

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated. Period.

  • 16. Active

  • Practicing yoga or being an avid mountain climber are good activities to take up to make sure you are getting out there and living a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, your partner will see that and be inspired by your temperament. Who knows- maybe he will suggest both of you taking up the same hobby, and that is a win-win situation for everyone.

  • 17. Moralistic

  • Try to do right by what you think feels like the right thing to do. This reveals that you have a guilty conscious and can easily make mistakes. Ultimately showing him that you're only human and he will be able to sympathize with a mutual feeling.

  • 18. Outspoken

  • Men love to hear what's going through a woman's mind; there is this satisfaction they get from knowing our thoughts. Be sure you express your opinion about things, as staying quiet will only make your man assume the worse.

  • 19. Decisive

  • I'm unsure if there is truly a quality that men like more than a woman who knows how to decide what she wants for dinner or can openly ask for what she wants from the other person. You need to have good mental and communicative skills to remain decisive about your choices. Once you put that practice into play, your significant other will idolize you.

  • 20. Composed

  • Not every woman can easily say they have kept their cool in every situation, but the woman who says that they have for sure has something to brag about. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've stressed or grown concerned over a situation and staying composed is reassurance that will not only relax your mind but also your man's.

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  • The right person will love the other in a different way compared to any other woman who did previously. If you know in your heart you are or are falling in love with your man, then prove it to him with your actions. Your main goal should be to make him happy and put a smile on his face every single day.

Liset was raised in Panama but now calls Florida home. She graduated in communications and is now working towards her master's degree. Liset is very outspoken and outgoing. She enjoys anything that involves the ocean, soccer or dancing.


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