15 things you're avoiding by reading this article

WARNING: May hit too close to home.

15 things you're avoiding by reading this article

WARNING: May hit too close to home.
  • I don't know about you, but when I need to briefly forget about the menial tasks of the day I turn to the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Well, here are a few things simmering on the backburner of your mind that in your heart, you know you should be doing instead of reading this article:

  • 1. The dishes

  • 2. Paying your bills

  • 3. That long-term project you started a year ago

  • 4. Using those ingredients you bought with that recipe in mind that you never made

  • 5. That little favor for you friend that you completely forgot about and hope they forgot about too

  • 6. Paying that person back

  • 7. Sewing up that tear in your clothes

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  • 8. Talking to that old friend you've been meaning to catch up with

  • 9. That yard work

  • 10. Sleeping

  • 11. Waking up

  • 12. Your job

  • 13. Your kids

  • 14. Dwelling on the existential dread

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  • 15. Not to make a blanket judgement, but really anyform of responsibility

  • Did I forget anything? Let us know what you're avoiding by reading this article in the comments section.

David Snell is a writer for the FamilyShare team. He's trilingual (English, Spanish and Movie Quotes). He's got a BA in communications and is married to one incredibly fantastic girl.

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