10 little ways to make your husband feel butterflies again

If your relationship is in a rut, here are some simple things you can do to make your husband start crushing on you again.

10 little ways to make your husband feel butterflies again

If your relationship is in a rut, here are some simple things you can do to make your husband start crushing on you again.
  • You two still love each other - but the days are getting duller. Your husband is a great man, but sometimes it's difficult to rekindle the spark you once had. If your husband needs a bit of a nudge, here are some small ways to give the him butterflies he had when you were dating:

  • 1. Take him on a date

  • If he's been the one planning most of the dates, it will be a pleasant surprise to have you take the lead for a change. Plan something that you know he will love and leave him feeling valued and pleasantly surprised.

  • 2. Cook together

  • The way to a man's heart is through his stomach - and you'll have a fun time together trying something new.

  • 3. Do something active outside together

  • Whether that means playing a sport together or just going on a walk, doing something outside not only means spending time with your spouse, but also getting a breath of fresh air.

  • 4. Rub his back

  • It's affectionate and relaxing, and physical contact builds emotional bonds too. Try blocking out an evening for his and hers backrubs with a favorite movie on in the background.

  • 5. Give him a framed picture of the two of you

  • Pick a photo from one of your favorite memories together. It's a visual reminder of your good times and how much you love each other. He can hang it on a wall, put it on his desk at work, or another place where he'll remember how much he loves you.

  • 6. Say thank you

  • Researchers named this a critical trait to staying in love. Let your man know how much you appreciate him. Thank him for the little things he does for you and the things he does to help others, and he'll start feeling valued. Leave him a note, tell him in person, send a text - just let him feel appreciated.

  • 7. Connect with him emotionally

  • Emotional connection is vital to stay attracted to each other. Since men are stereotypically seen as less emotional, it can be damaging if you aren't understanding what he's feeling. According to this study, a great way to get him to connect to you emotionally is to be there for him when he is sad or disappointed.

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  • 8. Take a road trip

  • Having an adventure brings life back into your relationship. Those long drives give you and your spouse time to discuss your relationship and spend time together.

  • 9. Pray together

  • Praying reminds both of you of the promises you made and the goals you have for your life together. The more your man loves God, the more he will love you.

  • 10. Love yourself

  • Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear! Harvard psychology professor Craig Malkin says that everyone prefers someone who is confident. Feel free to be yourself. Skip voicing or even thinking any negative comments about yourself, and embrace whatever body shape you have. He loves you for you and you will certainly get butterflies when you surprise him a confident kiss.

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