17 reasons why it’s soooooo hard to actually wake up in the morning

These memes about sleeping could not be more accurate. Can you relate?

17 reasons why it’s soooooo hard to actually wake up in the morning

These memes about sleeping could not be more accurate. Can you relate?
  • There's some sort of magic switch that flips sometime between childhood and adulthood that makes you love sleep. But now that you're an adult, you can't seem to get enough of it.

  • Insomnia, anxiety, stress, sick kids, aching bodies and other issues pile up and add to a severe lack of sleep. Though we might fail, we don't give up trying to actually sleep.

  • So, while you're awake tonight (trying unsuccessfully to sleep) enjoy these memes on sleeping...or not sleeping as the case may be.

  • 1. How can you be so tired all day and then at night ... be so wide awake?

  • Yep.. #howwellisleep #tired #sleepmeme #sleepyduck #duck

    A photo posted by Ira Mielonen (@irbai) on

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  • 2. Late at night is when I tell all my best secrets

  • 3. Be one with the blankets

  • My struggle is too real! #sleep #sleepmeme #cat #blankets

    A photo posted by Anthony Heyward (@anthonybbmog) on

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  • 4. But then your internal alarm wakes you up anyway

  • We can't wait.

    A photo posted by Not Another Millennial Blog (@notamblog) on

  • 5. Nothing wrong with getting comfy early

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  • 6. Napping is a risk I'm willing to take

  • 7. Mathematically, this just won't ever work

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  • 8. Why, brain, why?

  • #true #sleepmeme #me #lol #relatable

    A photo posted by April Ransom (@april_isnt_here) on

  • 9. Sometimes, this is very true

  • If this is you, you're probably #sleeping on an #AtticaBed! #sleepmeme

    A photo posted by Attica_Beds (@attica_beds) on

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  • 10. Is this confusion? Exhaustion? Both?

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  • 11. The perfect clock

  • We're already missing the long weekend! ???

    A photo posted by 105.7 Radio Metro (@radiometroaus) on

  • 12. Adding injury to the insult

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  • 13. Let the nap happen naturally

  • Because Sunday's are Nap days ? Gotta get my sleep ☺️ #naplikeyoumeanit #dayoff #resting

    A photo posted by natasha ⚡️ (@natashafitxo) on

  • 14. Yessss

  • #nightnight

    A photo posted by TamaraCol (@tamaracolgan) on

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  • 15. Every morning, I gotta evaluate what day it is

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  • 16. Sometimes you can't sleep because someone is "pretending"

  • Nah I #snore ???? ??????????? #z0m8135 #motorcycle#motorcyclememe #snorememe #sleepmeme #sleep

    A photo posted by John Ciardella (@johnciardella) on

  • 17. Please can this happen at least once?

  • I wish.

    A photo posted by k r i s t e n (@ciao.kristen) on

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  • You have to get sleep in what ever way you can. Test out some relaxation techniques at night to slowly release the stress of the day. While life can get in the way of a good snooze, you need to focus on taking care of yourself and allowing your body to recharge. Sleep tight!

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