29 tweets that perfectly explain why dating is difficult

Dating isn't easy for anyone.

29 tweets that perfectly explain why dating is difficult

Dating isn't easy for anyone.
  • If you're human, you know how difficult dating is. If you're lucky enough to have found your one and only, you know what it feels like to date. You've been through all of these things and managed to find your one true love. Congrats!

  • To all those still trying to find the one, keep going. These tweets are testaments you're not the only one struggling in the dating world.

  • 1. Relationships look different

  • 2. Fear

  • 3. We're all a little broken inside

  • 4. Butterflies

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  • 5. What is flirting?

  • 6. Trust issues

  • 7. Living up to society's standard

  • 8. Whose validation matters most?

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  • 9. Decisions are difficult

  • 10. What is love?

  • 11. The conundrum of fictional characters

  • 12. It's a process

  • 13. True commitment

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  • 14. Who you are matters most

  • 15. Unrealistic expectations

  • 16. The dreaded friend zone

  • 17. Is it really easier to run away?

  • 18. Trying to find a babysitter

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  • 19. Blame it on this rollercoaster of a year

  • 20. You have to actually make an effort

  • 21. Fear of settling down

  • 22. Love goes both ways

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  • 23. Dogs are better than people

  • 24. Love is a choice

  • 25. People end up getting hurt

  • 26. Are you dating the right person?

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  • 27. Love is required

  • 28. We don't all get happy endings

  • 29. Let's be honest, you can never have the one you really want

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