27 hilarious things people have actually cried about

"My brother once handed me a bunch of 'skittles.' After a few moments of chewing, I realized they were M&Ms. I cried."

27 hilarious things people have actually cried about

"My brother once handed me a bunch of 'skittles.' After a few moments of chewing, I realized they were M&Ms. I cried."
  • While some people can walk around stone-faced their whole lives, there are some poor, unfortunate souls who are moved to tears by even the simplest circumstances. Unfortunately, I am one of those people. But, despite how ridiculous emotional people may be, the reasons why we cry are often hilarious.

  • Here are 27 hilarious things people have actually cried about according to Reddit and Twitter:

  • 1. Sometimes headphones can really just be tedious

  • "I walked in on my brother crying because he was struggling to untangle his favorite pair of earbuds."

  • 2. Pizza is everything

  • "My girlfriend cried because her pizza was soggy and she couldn't pick it up."

  • 3. Mufasa's death was a turning point in my life

  • 4. You have my permission to cry when puppies are involved

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  • 5. West Side Sob Story

  • 6. There goes Christmas..

  • 7. Mondays make everyone cry

  • 8. They get old so fast.

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  • 9. She just wanted a churro

  • "I was six months pregnant and we were on our way to the flea market when I told my husband I wanted a churro. He told me, 'We'll get one in a bit.' Well, I guess I couldn't wait, because I just starting bawling. I had no control over my emotions and I didn't stop until I go my churro."

  • 10. Animals always get the better of us

  • 11. There's no use crying over spilled root beer

  • 12. When your potato gives you all sorts of feelings

  • "I cried a few weeks ago when I dropped my potato bake on the floor. I really wanted that potato bake. Cue my family seeing me sitting on the floor next to the dropped masterpiece and me bawling my eyes out."

  • 13. The truth hurts

  • "This girl I went to high school with cried at Burger King when she found out that fountain soda is a mixture of seltzer and syrup. She felt betrayed because she 'thought it was real soda'."

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  • 14. When you don't even understand why you're crying

  • "One time I walked into my boyfriend's apartment and cried. Out of nowhere. I saw him two minutes before through his bedroom window and waved happily but then sobbed when I walked through his door. I don't even know."

  • 15. That's harsh..

  • "I love chocolate chip cookies, but I'm very picky about the taste. Anyway, my mom went to this bakery about 20 miles away and got some of my favorite cookies. I was coming home from work and I was so excited to eat one. When I opened the container, it was empty. My dad thought it would be hilarious to hide them. I cried."

  • 16. Those pregnancy hormones though

  • "I was pregnant and wanted ice cream. I full-on sobbed when the ice cream was too hard to get out of the tub, then sobbed because my husband was so nice and got me [a bowl of] ice cream. Five minutes after that, I sobbed because I didn't want it anymore, and sobbed because my husband was wonderful and ate it for me."

  • 17. Sometimes life is just hard

  • "I've seen someone cry because a gummy bear looked like it had a sad expression. That someone was me."

  • 18. Shrimp have feelings too

  • "I cried when I ate shrimp for the first time. Then I looked at my husband's plate that had about a pound of shrimp on it. I was overcome with shame that I had eaten their friend. We never we back to that restaurant."

  • 19. So much for game night..

  • "Losing a game of Scrabble. This was not high stakes Scrabble. This was just a game between my family, my boyfriend and myself and I cried. This was last year. I'm 21."

  • 20. At least they got over it

  • "A couple of weeks ago, school was stressing me out, [and] eventually got to the point where I began crying in front of my family because I didn't like porridge. I still don't like porridge, but I no longer cry about it."

  • 21. They went through so much together

  • "Throwing away my favorite yoga pants."

  • 22. Sure, blame sleep deprivation

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  • "A crème brûlée. It was really good and I was sleep deprived."

  • 23. Those college finals will get you..

  • "I was in the midst of finals and I was outside studying with my friends at a picnic table. A seagull flew by and pooped right on my head. I didn't just cry; I completely broke down, hysterically bawling intermingled with hysterical laughing. My friends thought I had lost it; they had to drag me to the bathroom and rinse my hair out while I convulsed with tears/laughter. Ah, finals!"

  • 24. Mayo the force be with you..

  • "I hate mayonnaise. When I was about 15, I somehow managed to drop an entire jar of the stuff all over the kitchen floor. I was home alone at the time, so I had no one to help me clean it up. I just sat on the floor and bawled my eyes out while scrubbing the floor with paper towels. It was a rough afternoon."

  • 25. When your whole life is a lie

  • "My brother once handed me a bunch of 'skittles'. After a few moments of chewing, I realized they were M&Ms. I cried."

  • 26. Her number one fan

  • "I cried one night when my parents bought me a new fan and I felt bad for the old fan. I just sat there crying tears of confused nostalgia for the old fan that I knew was about to be thrown away."

  • 27. She was looking forward to that candy all day

  • "I eat Milky Way candy bars very methodically. I unwrap the whole thing, turn it upside down, and eat the nougat part. I then fold it in half so nothing is left but sweet milk chocolate and caramel.

  • One day, my sweet tooth just wasn't up to par, so I left the caramel to enjoy later. My boyfriend ate it. I cried. Hysterically."

  • Pass the tissues, please!

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