20 ridiculously cool things every mom needs

These things are going to make your life soooo much better.

20 ridiculously cool things every mom needs

These things are going to make your life soooo much better.
  • You'd think that with all the innovations the modern world has to offer a mom would have a little bit more relief. The thing is, you just need to know where to look. Here are 20 awesome things that are going to make your life so much better:

  • 1. Make potty-training a joy

  • Little Mrs. Crafty Boys Bathroom Decals
    Little Mrs. Crafty Boys Bathroom Decals / via
  • Ready, aim, fire. These toilet decals make potty training a breeze.

  • 2. Don't worry about your baby sleeping

  • 2-Piece Movement Monitor
    2-Piece Movement Monitor / via
  • Stop waking up in the middle of the night to check if your baby is breathing. This baby monitor will alert you if there's no movement.

  • 3. Or check on him easily with a video monitor

  • Video Mobile Digital Monitor
    Video Mobile Digital Monitor / via
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  • Big brother (or mommy) is watching.

  • 4. Stay fab with pregnancy-safe nail polish

  • Pregnancy Safe Nail Polish
    Pregnancy Safe Nail Polish / via
  • Just because you're pregnant or you already have a little one doesn't mean you can't look fabulous. This nailpolish is free of the toxins that can be harmful to babies.

  • 5. Or nail wraps because who has time to wait for their nails to dry?

  • nail art wraps
    nail art wraps / via
  • Kids usually don't wait until your nails are dry before they attempt to throw your cell phone down the toilet. These nail wraps will solve that problem!

  • 6. Be the coolest mother/son duo with teething bling

  • It's like a mom and baby friendship necklace that can relieve your little one's sore mouth.

  • 7. Fix clothes with a non-sewing kit

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  • Non Sewing Kit
    Non Sewing Kit / via
  • Because you ain't got time to sew.

  • 8. Live the life of luxury with a shower speaker

  • Splash Tunes Pro Shower Speaker
    Splash Tunes Pro Shower Speaker / via
  • Make the most of the five minute paradise that is your shower with a Bluetooth speaker.

  • 9. Ditch extra calories in your cooking

  • Teflon Fry Pan Liner
    Teflon Fry Pan Liner / via
  • This liner lets you fry without adding extra fat and oils!

  • 10. De-stress with coloring books

  • Stress Relieving Coloring Book For Adults - 2 Pack
    Stress Relieving Coloring Book For Adults - 2 Pack / via
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  • Who says your kids are the only ones who get to use coloring books?

  • 11. Stop dropping the spoon in everything

  • SpoonGuard | Set of 2
    SpoonGuard | Set of 2 / via
  • It's the worst when your spoon falls into a pot of chili and you have to pull it out. Chili gets on your spoon, your hands, you shirt...

  • 12. Because you're cutie would look so cute in them

  • Joggers | Baby & Kids
    Joggers | Baby & Kids / via
  • These joggers. I can't even.

  • 13. Become more productive

  • Daily Tasks Chalkboard Decal
    Daily Tasks Chalkboard Decal / via
  • If you're not as productive as you want to be, get a task board to keep yourself organized.

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  • 14. Stop worrying about all that hair going down the drain

  • DrainWig 2-Pack | Bathtub
    DrainWig 2-Pack | Bathtub / via
  • Clogged bathtub drains are a non-issue with this sneaky drain cleaner.

  • 15. An essential oil car diffuser so the car can be a healing experience

  • Essential Oil Car Diffuser
    Essential Oil Car Diffuser / via
  • Can essential oils cure road rage?

  • 16. Stop searching for spare chip clips and use an air lock

  • Air Lock - Bag Resealer
    Air Lock - Bag Resealer / via
  • Embrace the way of the future and use air lock to reseal bags to keep your food fresh.

  • 17. Or use these super cute resalable tapes

  • Freshtape | Set of 18
    Freshtape | Set of 18 / via
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  • Who says a bag of salad can't look fabulous?

  • 18. Brighten up your house with a can of real flowers

  • Lady Bug Garden Grocan
    Lady Bug Garden Grocan / via
  • This is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • 19. Instructions for those who don't know how to handle your precious little ones

  • Short Sleeve Bodysuit | Baby
    Short Sleeve Bodysuit | Baby / via
  • In case they don't already know.

  • 20. Solve the problem of what underwear to put your child in when they're potty training

  • Bamboo Training Pants | Toddler
    Bamboo Training Pants | Toddler / via
  • These training pants will make potty training a breeze - they're the perfect middle ground between diapers and underpants.

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