23 lessons only dogs can teach us

We can all learn a little something from these dogs.

23 lessons only dogs can teach us

We can all learn a little something from these dogs.
  • We love our dogs and if we look closely, sometimes we can be the ones that learn a lesson from our furry friends. Yes, these are things your mother probably told you, but it means so much more coming from a dog:

  • 1. Put others before yourself

  • 2. Exercise is important

  • 3. Families stick together

  • 4. Be happy through it all

  • 5. Friendship matters

  • 6. Practice makes perfect

  • 7. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

  • 8. Your vibe attracts your tribe

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  • 9. Always work as a team

  • 10. Make love a priority

  • 11. Speak up if something bothers you

  • 12. Embrace the adventure

  • 13. Doing service is good

  • 14. Always have fun

  • 15. The ocean is amazing

  • 16. Prayer is important

  • 17. Patience is a virtue

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  • 18. Don't let others talk bad about you

  • 19. Food is the answer

  • 20. Water is important

  • 21. Sleep is equally important

  • 22. Be genuinely happy for others

  • 23. Relax and be happy

  • Dogs know how to make their way into our lives and our hearts. Between cuddling and walks in the park, keep an eye out for what your dog is teaching you.

Liset was raised in Panama but now calls Florida home. She graduated in communications and is now working towards her master's degree. Liset is very outspoken and outgoing. She enjoys anything that involves the ocean, soccer or dancing.


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