12 effortless beauty tips that will make you look stunning

Look fantastic without all the work.

12 effortless beauty tips that will make you look stunning

Look fantastic without all the work.
  • Are you in a beauty rut? Enhance your look with these easy tips.

  • When time is not always on your side, it's easy to fall into a mundane beauty routine. Switch things up with these 11 effortless beauty tips that will make you look stunning.

  • 1. Part your hair on a different side

  • Don't have time to head to the salon but need a quick fix on your hair? Switch up your part for an instant, refreshing look. Not only will it change up your do, it's actually good for your hair. Parting your hair differently will give sections of your hair a break from the daily heat damage caused by flat irons and hair dryers.

  • 2. Drink more water

  • I know, I know. Water seems like it's the solution to everything, but you'd be surprised what drinking enough water does for your looks. Not drinking enough water can cause your skin to feel and look dry. Not only that, but dry skin is prone to premature wrinkles if it isn't properly hydrated each day. Although you won't necessarily see the results overnight, drinking enough H20 is an easy way to preserve beautiful skin for the future.

  • 3. Alternate curl direction

  • Mermaid hair and beach waves seem to be the current craze, but sometimes our beach waves don't come out so "beachy." Get the look by using alternating directions of the curls while curling your hair. It allows your hair to move in separation from each other creating more of a loose tousled look.

  • 4. Highlight

  • Contouring might be all the rage right now, but it's a trend you may want to hang on to. By contouring your face, you are creating a 3 dimensional look and enhancing certain areas of your face that may need help. Highlight under your eyes, down the center of your nose and underneath your eyebrow. This brings light to these areas creating a contrast and a beautiful look you cannot beat.

  • 5. Wash your face

  • How many more times are you going to hear this tip? Probably, for the rest of your life, but don't take it lightly, because it is one of the most important steps to your beauty routine. Throughout the day, makeup and dirt build up and clog your pores. If you don't cleanse your skin, this buildup can cause breakouts, unwanted oil and prevent skin from absorbing moisturizers.

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  • 6. Color your lips

  • Adding color to your lips brings life to your face. If you aren't one who enjoys the vibrant look, lightly dab lipstick on your lips and then cover the color with your favorite lip balm. This technique will give you a little bit of color without overdoing it.

  • 7. Don't be afraid to blush

  • Adding blush to your contouring regimen gives your complexion a natural color and your cheeks a nice flushed finish. Apply a pale pink color to the apples of your cheeks and prepare to look amazing.

  • 8. Ditch old mascara

  • Chances are you are using old mascara and suffering the consequences of that action. When your mascara starts to clump and flake, it is most likely time to invest in a new tube. Most mascara only lasts 2-3 months before it starts clumping. Switching the product out when it shows signs of aging will allow your mascara application to go on smooth and give you the long lashes you've been dreaming of.

  • 9. Clean your makeup brushes

  • Makeup brushes that are used for heavy products like foundation should be cleaned once a week. Over time, makeup brushes collect bacteria, dead skin cells, oil and old makeup. Cleaning your brushes regularly protects your face from bacteria buildup and helps the brushes function properly and last longer.

  • 10. Use concealer under eye shadow

  • Putting concealer on your eyelid before your eye shadow is a little change that will make a big difference. Concealer will help your eyeshadow last throughout the day and prevent that dreaded shadow crease we all get mid afternoon.

  • 11. Use a setting spray

  • If your makeup tends to melt or rub off by the end of the day, a setting spray will make all the difference in the world. Using a setting spray keeps your makeup in place for hours, and can even moisturize your skin depending on what formula is used.

  • 12. Dressing to impress

  • You are at your most stunning when you are simply you. Express yourself by showing off your unique style. has hundreds of daily boutique deals listed at up to 70 percent off to help you show off your individuality without breaking the bank.

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