5 toxic things moms do to destroy their own happiness

Are you doing these common things to make yourself miserable?

5 toxic things moms do to destroy their own happiness

Are you doing these common things to make yourself miserable?
  • Being a mom isn't easy. You go to bed every night with not only a list of laundry items that need to be folded, but a laundry list of things you need to work on improving for the next day. However, these things you are so focused on improving might be all the wrong things. Here is a list of things most moms do that are making them miserable that you are probably doing too:

  • 1. Putting yourself down

  • Chin up, my dear. Being a mom is a lot of work, and though it may feel like you are failing in a lot of areas, there are just as many areas you are excelling in. Sure, you didn't get to the mounds of laundry that are overflowing into the hallway, but you made your children breakfast, helped them with their homework and took a few extra minutes for one more bedtime story. Focus on the things you did right today. Chances are, the things you did right are the things your kids will remember most.

  • 2. Not taking enough time for you

  • Sure, easier said than done, but your idea of "me time" probably consists of taking a shower while simultaneously entertaining a toddler or spouting out vocabulary words under the door during your one and only potty break. You are important and you need to know that. Not everyone's situation allows for an afternoon of solitude but even finding five minutes of free time can make a big difference. Hire a babysitter or solicit your partner to watch the kiddos while you think about you - because you matter.

  • 3. Stressing about the big picture

  • It's easy to worry about the future and how your parenting may be negatively affecting your children. We've all read the articles that create worry in our minds. Sure you might be considered a "helicopter mom," but hey, you love those kiddos and you'd do anything for them. Plan for the future, but live in the now. Loving them today will create a bright future for all of you.

  • 4. Comparing yourself to others

  • Living in a world with social media is awesome but it can also be frustrating at times. We're stuck in our peanut butter smeared life looking at the highlights of everyone else's "perfect" life. But guess what? You are pretty awesome and I bet your kids think so too! You are their mommy and to them you are everything. If you are fully dressed from head to toe looking fab, good for you! But if you are sitting in yesterday's milk-stained t-shirt eating the leftover mac and cheese off your toddler's plate, good for you too. We've all been in both situations and I applaud you no matter what, because each one is an accomplishment.

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  • 5. Not giving yourself enough credit

  • Being a mom isn't easy. The role comes with a lot of physical and emotional demands. It can be downright exhausting at times. Give yourself some credit. Even if the only thing you managed to do today was brush your teeth, at least you did something. The messes will be there tomorrow, showering is overrated and messy buns are always in style. Whether you think so or not, you are doing a great job because you are a mom.

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