18 totally ridiculous things you can actually buy on Amazon

These things may be ridiculous, but I think I need them all.

18 totally ridiculous things you can actually buy on Amazon

These things may be ridiculous, but I think I need them all.
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  • Amazon wins the battle for having the craziest and most worthless items for sale, but there is something about the chance to buy a pet rock with its own walking leash that makes me giddy with excitement. I am currently cutting down on my meals this month so that I can afford to buy all of this awesomeness.

  • 1. A pet rock, includes its own walking leash

  • It's so cute and cuddly!

  • Buy it for $14.25

  • 2. Inflatable unicorn horn for cats

  • Who doesn't wish their cat was a unicorn every once in a while?

  • Buy it for $6.50

  • 3. A nickel from 2003

  • Only $3.95 plus $4.49 shipping! This nickel is definitely worth the asking price.

  • Buy it for $3.95

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  • 4. Handerpants

  • Because, why not?

  • Buy it for $13.29

  • 5. Unicorn meat

  • Delicious ...?

  • Buy it for $16.25

  • 6. Instant underpants

  • This is probably a great gag gift.

  • Buy it for $5.38

  • 7. Bacon flavored toothpaste

  • I hear it's delicious!

  • Buy it for $5.39

  • 8. Marshmallow Mateys marshmallows

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  • My morning bowl of cereal will never be the same. Yum.

  • Buy it for $11.01

  • 9. Potty putter

  • They make this sound like so much fun.

  • Buy it for $9.95

  • 10. Woman with an inhaler peel and stick wall decal

  • This will instantly take care of the awkward empty wall space.

  • Buy it for $22.98

  • 11. Asian man peel and stick wall decal

  • As will this.

  • Buy it for $27.98

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  • 12. Man glitter

  • Buy it for $3.00

  • 13. Crazy cat lady action figure set

  • G.I. Joes are out and crazy cat lady action figures are in.

  • Buy it for $10.50

  • 14. Horse head mask

  • These really are all the rage right now.

  • Buy it for $8.95

  • 15. Ben & Jerry's pint combination lock protector

  • I am still a fan of good old fashioned sticky notes, but this takes protecting your food to the next level.

  • Buy it for $24.58

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  • 16. The face blanket

  • I think that hole is big enough to breathe through.

  • Buy it for $9.99

  • 17. Look and feel Canadian breath spray

  • Who doesn't want to look and feel Canadian?

  • Buy it for $5.49

  • 18. Nothing

  • There is always that one person who asks for nothing on their birthday.

  • Buy it for $7.99

  • I know these things are fabulous, so remember to shop wisely and buy them all before they sell out!

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