8 signs that say she is wifey material

Could it be true you actually found the one woman you want to spend the rest of your life with?

8 signs that say she is wifey material

Could it be true you actually found the one woman you want to spend the rest of your life with?
  • She's the one you never want to be without, she is your first thought in the morning and the last one before you go to sleep. You've dated plenty of women, but there's something about this girl that just makes her wifey material:

  • She is a team player

  • Your family loves her and your friends approve of her. What more do you want out of a woman? I'll tell you one thing: if your mother is fond of her and your best friend approves, you've found a winner.

  • She has a scent

  • This might seem minuscule but whenever she walks past you or gives you a hug, you just want to hold her a little longer and drown in her scent. You're not sure if it is the soap she washes with or a specific perfume, but you are addicted to it.

  • She is accepting

  • She loves you for you. After all the flaws and mistakes you've made she still adores you without judgement. She sees the good in you and believes that you are the man that can bring light into her life. She wants all of you, completely.

  • She is driven

  • Her ambition matches your own. Whatever she does, she gives 100%. She loves to go out and accomplish her goals. Her ambition will work well with yours and together you will have a life full of fun, hobbies, and accomplishments.

  • She is honest

  • She always tells the truth. No exceptions.

  • She is intelligent

  • This woman challenges you. If she keeps you on your feet while you are dating, just imagine how things will be when you are married.

  • She can change your mood

  • A simple joke or laugh from her can shift your entire mood. One minute you're angry, and the next thing you know, you can't stop smiling because she's walked into the room. It's a liberating feeling. And it's all because of her.

  • She is your best friend

  • This is an overused statement but it's true; you can't help but want to tell her everything about yourself. If you receive important news, she's the first one you want to tell. She holds a special place in your life and takes up a huge chunk of your heart.

  • In the end, the woman who steals your heart should be someone who captivates you. She is beyond compare. She makes you smile, she puts your needs above her own, and everyone in your life approves of her. Her goals align with your goals, and you both pledge to support eachother, no matter the circumstances. She adores you, and you are just as in love with her as she is with you. She is the love of your life.

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Liset was raised in Panama but now calls Florida home. She graduated in communications and is now working towards her master's degree. Liset is very outspoken and outgoing. She enjoys anything that involves the ocean, soccer or dancing.


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