20 street signs that are pretty fantastic

Have you seen any of these entertaining street signs?

20 street signs that are pretty fantastic

Have you seen any of these entertaining street signs?
  • Street signs are supposed to keep us safe with warnings and give us directions so we know where to go. But sometimes the labels offer a bit more than the standard reaction.

  • Here are several signs that are not only telling, but also entertaining.

  • 1. "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore"

  • Flying Monkey Crossing. I love my town...

    A photo posted by Ari Miller (@xyzab) on

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  • 2. Superman has got to be somewhere nearby

  • 3. RUN!

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  • 4. This has to be a warning sign, right?

  • I think I'll take the other route! ?????? #funny #funnystreetsigns #psychopath #crazynames

    A photo posted by ❤Charisse Claire? (@charisse.claire) on

  • 5. Remind anyone of the angry trees in Oz?

  • Feb 21 Funny - Funny street sign at #waikiki. #funnysigns #funnystreetsigns

    A photo posted by S K (@sheba21) on

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  • 6. Don't pick fights with the deer

  • Lol!! Caption this!! #funnystreetsigns

    A photo posted by Maybelle (@maybelle_galuvao) on

  • 7. Um ... say what?

  • #funnystreetsigns #queenstwest #toronto

    A photo posted by @image015 on

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  • 8. Festive!

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  • 9. "...we gonna walk down to..."

  • 10. If you say so ..

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  • 11. Care for a game of Tetris?

  • #funnystreetsigns #vandalism #tetris #LMAO

    A photo posted by Tiffany Copon (@mztcopon) on

  • 12. How big are the cats?

  • Only in Pensacola! @jorstadcat #funnystreetsigns #catlover

    A photo posted by @ablagz on

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  • 13. Life message

  • 13. Are we there yet?

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  • 14. Kid pirates at play

  • Kids don't run without swords here! #funnystreetsigns

    A photo posted by Lara Sophia Artist (@larasophiamadhura) on

  • 15. Admit that you'd like this on a t-shirt

  • Here's Your Sign! HAHA! #FunnyStreetSigns

    A photo posted by Craig (@stunnerinc316) on

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  • 16. Which one do I obey?

  • HAHAHA #STOP #STOPSIGN #NOSTOPPING #funnystreetsigns

    A photo posted by Susie Adams (@susienc919) on

  • 17. Is this a statement? Or a warning?

  • One wonders why. #streetsigns #funnystreetsigns #funnystreetnames #funnystreetsign

    A photo posted by victoria colette (@happinessontherocks) on

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  • 18. Those yogis are such rule breakers

  • Typical Colorado #stayoutofmynamastespace

    A photo posted by Bria Whitmore (@inebriated__) on

  • 19. You're not on Star Trek

  • Arizona thinks they are funny ? Saw this on my drive to Tuscon yesterday #FunnyStreetSigns #beammeupscotty

    A photo posted by Dakota Young (@flawless_young) on

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  • 20. Wait. What?

  • A friendly reminder. #psa #spacerays #warning #streetsigns #naptown

    A photo posted by Splitter (@suburbanoutrage) on

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