What to do when you are craving a change

Do you feel stuck? If so, these tips may give you the change you need.

What to do when you are craving a change

Do you feel stuck? If so, these tips may give you the change you need.
  • Sometimes I just need a change. OK, if I am honest, I need change often. Being stuck in the same routine day after day sort of feels like a slow death. As I am learning more about myself, I realized that my craving for constant change is just my personality type. But I also know a lot of stay-at-home moms that feel this way as well. There is something about doing the same routine every day that just calls for a change - even if just for a short one. A simple change can feel life-giving. Sometimes if it is just a rough day with your kids, a creative sanity saver may be all you need, but sometimes you need it a little more than that.

  • Obviously, a vacation would be a great, but not usually realistic. So what are some ideas that are doable on an ordinary Tuesday?

  • Rearrange the furniture or your decor

  • So many options. In our house, I have an old bookshelf on the landing of our attic where I keep extra decor that I can swap out when I feel like I need a change - picture frames, bowls, vases, and throw pillows to name a few. It is nice to have everything in one place that's easy to get to.

  • Deep clean

  • I know, this is probably not what you are looking to do with your time, but sometimes having one room completely cleaned and reorganized is enough to make me feel sane.

  • Paint something

  • I have a lot of love for a can of spray paint. Paint a vase, a frame, a chair, whatever. If you are really motivated, paint a room or a piece of furniture. It is amazing what a difference a little paint can make.

  • A night out

  • I started taking one night of the week as my night away. I make dinner, serve it and then walk out of the house. It is the most glorious thing every week! I don't need to deal with clean up or dishes and I get a couple of hours all to myself. Usually, I eat before I leave and then just grab hot chocolate at a coffeehouse. Every now and then I sit with my laptop at a restaurant. I can't recommend this enough.

  • A theme night

  • Go as big or as small as you are feeling up to. Declare a movie night and have everyone put on their pajamas and bring their pillow. Have a camping night. Make sandwiches, throw a blanket on the floor and announce a picnic. Order pizza and call it a game night. The options are limitless, just take a small break from the normal.

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  • Use a ready to go meal

  • Sometimes just the constant routine of cooking 3 meals a day is enough to make me crazy. Keeping a meal in the freezer to give me a night off from cooking is so nice. It is even better if we use paper plates to get the night off from dishes too!

  • I also keep a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal in our pantry. I never buy sugary cereal, but some days all I want is junk food and it keeps me from caving and getting french fries from McDonald's.

  • These are a few things I have done to break up my routine. I would love to hear how you create a breath of change when you need one.

  • Editor's note: This article was originally published on A Haven of Chaos. It has been republished here with permission.

Sarah Centeno is a homeschooling mom of 4 kids. She writes about the little things she is learning through her days at home, and loves to share the strategies she has found that help to build a haven amidst the chaos of life with kids.


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