9 vacation destinations that'll have you begging to go back to your day job

(Insert satire here.)

9 vacation destinations that'll have you begging to go back to your day job

(Insert satire here.)
  • Vacations are great while they last, but unfortunately they're also great at highlighting just how dull your everyday life is. Think about your last vacation. Amazing, wasn't it? Each day was better than the last until suddenly you realized ... it was time to go home, back to real life. Responsibility awaits.

  • Schedules and deadlines and suitpants, oh my! Reclaim your life by checking out these 10 anti-vacations that are so amazingly horrible they'll have you crying tears of joy when you walk back into the office Monday morning.

  • 1. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

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  • Spend the weekend at this world-famous destination in Pripyat, Ukraine. You may need to buy an additional plane ticket on your way out for the mutant twin growing out of your shoulder, but other than that it, should be smooth sailing. "Mmm... radiation...".

  • 2. Antarctica

  • I've got two words for you: leopard seals. One minute you're minding your own business on a stroll along the coast and then this half ton sea dragon bursts through the ice doing The Worm straight towards you.

  • You'll be riding the first iceberg back to your early morning janitorial job.

  • 3. Drake Passage

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  • What happens when Atlantic meets Pacific? Drake Passage. As you're leaving Antarctica, make sure you go this route. It's one of the most dangerous parts of the ocean in the world. As such, don't forget to bring your key to Davy Jones' locker.

  • 4. Death Valley, California

  • Jump in your minivan and look forward to looking backwards on well over 100 miles of deadly heat and terrible cell phone coverage. This place is world famous for just being the worst. I mean, come on, it has "death" in its name.

  • 5. Siberian Tundra

  • Say it out loud, like you're slipping into a hot tub: "ahhh, tundra." If you ever want to see a pingo or a thermokarst, Siberia is the place to go. The only thing you'll regret is not having gotten it out of the way sooner.

  • 6. Pyongyang, North Korea

  • When they put you in a cell, it may just be easier to say: "Fine. Yes, I was spying. You caught me. Let's just get this over with." When you get out of prison in 70 years, you're never going to take that nine-to-five for granted again.

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  • 7. The Somalian coast

  • Jump onto a fancy cruiseliner (good luck with that) and mosey on over to Somalia. It won't be long until "Pirates of the Caribbean" plays out right before your eyes! Except ... in Somalia, with more guns and less Johnny Depp.

  • 8. The Amazon Rainforest at night

  • Forget the tour boat. Head for where the guides won't take you. Enjoy your evening alone in this beautiful rainforest ... with the disease-laden mosquitos ... and the jaguars ... and the cute little brightly-colored frogs that are probably totally safe to eat. Adorable, right? Your family will love it.

  • 9. Anywhere in North Dakota

  • Because it's so boring that sometimes you forget this state even exists.

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