6 ways to indulge your sweet tooth while traveling the globe

Travel + Chocolate = Happiness

6 ways to indulge your sweet tooth while traveling the globe

Travel + Chocolate = Happiness
  • Chocolate is everywhere. There is dark, milk, white, creamy, nutty, caramel stuffed and hundreds of other kinds. But where can you go to be truly surrounded in chocolaty goodness?

  • Here are 6 of the places we found to satisfy the chocolate craving and your love to travel all in one:

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  • 1. Cadbury Factory in Birmingham, England

  • As you enter the factory, sweet chocolate is made before your eyes. You can partake of the chocolaty flavors you have seen in stores and get a chance to look at how the brand came to be as well-known as it is today.

  • While you are there, don't neglect to check out the parks and backstreets you'll find nearby. These are beautiful landmarks and walking there gives you an opportunity to burn off all those delicious calories.

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  • 2. Chocolate Festival in Perugia, Italy

  • Who doesn't love festivals filled with food? In Perugia, they do it right by having a 10-day Euro chocolate event. With taste testing's, chocolate cooking classes, and even edible sculptures, this is definitely the place to be in October.

  • 3. Hot Chocolate from Málaga, Spain

  • It doesn't matter if you want light and creamy, or rich and dark because the street-side cafés on Spain's Costa Del Sol have it all. Combined with scrumptious churros, the hot melted chocolate from Casa Aranda, there really isn't anything more appetizing.

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  • 4. Chocolate from Brussels, Belgium

  • Countries all around the globe very well know about Belgium chocolate. People do not buy souvenirs other than chocolate, because who wants to settle for anything else? La Belgique Gourmande has seven locations across the town where you can build your own box of unique chocolates you will never enjoy anywhere else. Don't neglect to stop and try it out!

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  • 5. Spa treatment from chocolate at Boucan, St Lucia

  • The boutique hotel in St Lucia revolves solely around cocoa. We have heard about the rejuvenating abilities chocolate has on our skin, but the people here take it to a whole new level. Facials, massages and the works are all performed by cacao based products and added with banana paste for the rich and creamy feels that is guaranteed to exfoliate every pore. End the day by relaxing by the pool with some delicious chocolate or heading to sugar beach for a nice getaway.

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  • 6. Tour the cacao farm in Oreba, Bocas del Toro, Panama

  • Deep in the forests here in Central America, get ready for a farm unlike one you have ever seen. It is a rich and delectable cacao farm with tours galore. Join those before you and drown yourself in the culture you will find here at the farm. You don't want to miss an opportunity like this.

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  • We're sure your taste buds are now drooling and all you want is to get on a plane and stop at all of these locations to experience the magical things that have been described. So, what is stopping you?

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