10 ways to be a husband no wife will ever want to leave

Your wife will be head over heels in love you if you do these 10 things.

10 ways to be a husband no wife will ever want to leave

Your wife will be head over heels in love you if you do these 10 things.
  • Don't we all wish marriage had a manual filled with the dos and don'ts of loving your spouse? A simple guide that directed your thoughts and actions to consistently make your spouse feel as if they are on cloud nine and can never come down.

  • There may not be a tell-all guide on how to weather the storms of marriage, but a husband that does these 10 things is one that no wife will ever want to leave.

  • 1. Commit to one act of kindness every day

  • Husbands that take the time to think of doing one special thing for their wife each and every day is irresistible. By unexpectedly putting away the dishes or making the bed, you are reminding your wife you love and appreciate the small things she does.

  • An act of kindness does not always have to be a physical action; it can also be a kind word. Complimenting your wife on unique traits that often go unnoticed and unappreciated will have your wife falling for you and your attention to the finest details in her life.

  • 2. Celebrate your wife and her accomplishments

  • Get excited when your wife gets excited. Celebrate all of the small and large accomplishments together. Jump up and down when she masters the chocolate chip cookie recipe she has been failing at for years. Support her in her community and church service. Appreciate her effort in making your family life run smoothly and effectively every day.

  • Celebrate her life and the life you have created together. When a marriage is centered on appreciation and excitement, the happy times seem to be just a little bit sweeter.

  • 3. More acceptances and fewer judgments

  • Husbands that are able to resist the urge to criticize or counter their wife's judgment are highly attractive. Being open to her point of view and trying to see things through her perspective will allow the two of you to be more open and kind toward one another.

  • Accept her morning beauty routine is going to take 30 minutes longer than yours. Accept that she cannot eat food that touches each other on the plate. Accept she is going to be 15 minutes late, and accept she may not always be happy.

  • Be there for her and constantly provide her with a positive sense of stability and comfort; your reliability is vital in a strong marriage.

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  • 4. Do the small things

  • Sometimes it is OK to be a hopeless romantic. Bring her flowers, leave love notes in her car, kiss her forehead while she's getting ready for bed and hug her every chance you get. Make the insignificant and everyday moments seem extraordinary through your willingness to make them special.

  • Give her the night off with putting the kids to sleep and help her prepare school lunches the night before. Take her on dates and remind her although you are married, she is still the young woman you fell madly in love with and still remain falling for to this day. Your ability to acknowledge the small details will make you undeniably the best husband.

  • 5. Listen and react

  • Be present every time you are with your wife. Notice the way she responds and reacts to certain situations. Be her listening ear and unwavering support. Put down your phone, turn away from the sports game on TV and listen. She deserves your undivided attention. A man than can tune the world out and tune into the needs of his wife is attractive.

  • 6. Be her emotional and physical support

  • A man that encourages his wife to be the best person she possibly can be is one to keep. A kind husband allows her to pursue her passions and supports her through her many attempts at finding a hobby she actually enjoys. He provides emotional support in times of tribulation and heartache and supports her when she is physically weak.

  • 7. Respect her beliefs

  • Kind men respect their wife's resolve to stand by and believe full-heartedly in God. He prays for her, himself and the foundation of their marriage. He acknowledges the strength his wife provides for their family through her unwavering faith, and seeks to help develop a relationship centered on strengthening their marital bonds.

  • 8. Do the dishes

  • A man that can do the dirty work literally and theoretically in their marriage is one to keep. Acknowledging your wife is not a maid is vital in the housework distribution. Step in when it comes time to clean up messes. Help her polish the kitchen and vacuum the floor. Pick up the left over toys and mop the sticky spills off the tile.

  • As you help your wife clean up the spills and messes around the house, do not be afraid to get your hands dirty and help her clean up emotional messes as well.

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  • 9. Unwind together

  • If your wife is getting ready to turn in for the night, get ready for bed as well. Unwind together, view this time as a special part of the day to reminisce and catch-up on the small and large parts of each other's day. Daily communication will help strengthen your commitment to one another.

  • 10. Compliment her privately and publicly

  • Do not be ashamed to compliment your love in the walls of your home and the aisles of your local grocery store. Do not hide or minimize your feelings. Express and remind your wife you love her anywhere and everywhere.

  • Men, if you are looking to be the man of your wife's dreams commit to applying one of these 10 things and see if there is a stark difference in your relationship with your wife. We have a feeling there will be.

Hannah Rose is a content writer for Deseret Digital Media. She loves to run, sing and dance in her spare time.

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