Am I pregnant? 10 early signs that say you are

Don't ignore these 10 signs.

Am I pregnant? 10 early signs that say you are

Don't ignore these 10 signs.
  • As a couple tries to bring a child into the world, there is an element of excitement, fear and impatience. These strong emotions have an effect on a woman's brain. Due to the thrill of having a family (or a larger family), she is hoping that today will be the day she'll find out she's expecting.

  • Although the anxiety and curiosity are exciting, it can oftentimes confuse the women into thinking that she is pregnant when she really isn't. This anticipation can, in fact, halt your menstrual cycle, making you believe that you are pregnant.

  • Before jumping to conclusions, take a deep breath and read these 10 early signs of pregnancy. Have you experienced any of these?

  • Abdominal bloating

  • Because of the light hormonal changes you haven't discovered yet, you feel bloated. It's a similar feeling to the one you get the day or two before your menstrual cycle begins. This is why your clothes may feel a bit snug around your waist.

  • Swollen or sensitive breasts

  • Right before your period you may notice your breasts swelling. Soreness and swelling in the first trimester of pregnancy is much more intense and uncomfortable.

  • High basal body temperature

  • For those of you who have been charting your basal body temperature, seeing it stay elevated for more than two weeks is a definite sign that you are pregnant.

  • Frequent bathroom breaks

  • When you are pregnant, blood flow through the kidneys makes your bladder fill more quickly. Needing more frequent bathroom breaks are very common in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

  • Food aversions

  • New smells might trigger your gag reflex once you are pregnant. If the smell of coffee or a turkey sandwich is no longer appealing, consider taking a pregnancy test because you are on track to being an expecting mother.

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  • Light spotting

  • Of course you are hoping your period will not come when you are pregnant, but light spotting is actually a sign of pregnancy. It is called implantation bleeding and is most likely cause by the fertilized egg settling in to the lining of your uterus.

  • Shortness of breath

  • When there is a growing fetus inside of you, your body needs more oxygen. This can leave you short of breath more often than before.

  • Hormonal headaches

  • One of the more difficult signs to detect are hormonal headaches.These headaches are caused by the changes in your hormones, but can be difficult to notice.

  • Mood swings

  • This is one of the signs that every women hopes she will not get. The heightened emotions and increased likelihood of feeling depressed or anxious is an immediate cause of your body changing through pregnancy.

  • If you are having trouble coping with your feelings while pregnant, visit your doctor right away so he can give you the right advice to help manage these feelings.

  • Exhaustion

  • You feel almost faint with exhaustion but haven't done anything out of the ordinary. Don't worry; fatigue is common during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Along with exhaustion, you might also get morning sickness and feel sluggish in the evenings.

  • While these are signs of pregnancy, taking a pregnancy test or visiting your doctor are the most effective ways to see if you are pregnant. To be certain that you are in fact on your way to being a mom, use more than one of these methods.

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