12 perks of waiting to have a baby

Trust me, waiting to have a baby is not time wasted.

12 perks of waiting to have a baby

Trust me, waiting to have a baby is not time wasted.
  • There is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of welcoming a sweet baby into the world. While there are plenty of benefits of having a family at a young age, there are a few rewards that come from waiting.

  • Below are 12 parenting perks of waiting before taking the steps to parenthood.

  • More emotionally and psychologically ready

  • Waiting to have a baby allows you to mature emotionally and psychologically. With more years of life experience under your belt, you can be more empathetic in unexpected situations. The time spent childless provides you with priceless knowledge you can pass on to them when the time comes.

  • Your parents are more likely to be retiring

  • The biological clock continues to tick for everyone, no exceptions. Just how you have aged before having a child, your parents will have, too. Your parents will likely be about to retire or be retired already if you decide to wait to have a baby. This gives your parents more time to play with your little one.

  • More people you know will already have kids

  • Your friends and neighbors that are having kids around the same time as you create a bond over shared experiences. Together you experience the ups and downs of parenthood and the memories you create will stay with you forever.

  • You lived in your pre-pregnancy body longer

  • You have lived in your body for quite sometime. Now, it's that much more exciting to experience the thrills and changes your body will undergo during pregnancy.

  • Saved money

  • It is no surprise children cost an exorbitant amount of money. The time you saved before having a family has allowed you to financially plan, pay off debt and save for future child expenses.

  • Played while you were young

  • No children means your weekends and evenings are free game for hanging out with other single friends. You thrived and lived your single life to its fullest potential; you released all of your jitters and are ready to settle down.

  • Hand-me-downs

  • If you have friends or siblings that have had children before you, you can reap the benefit of hand-me-downs. Little ones seem to wear their clothes for five minutes before they grow out of them. Take advantage of lightly worn clothes and save a few dollars here and there.

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  • Afford nice baby gadgets

  • With all of your savings, you can research and buy baby devices that will help you transition into "Mommy mode" much smoother.

  • Accomplished set goals

  • There's no room in your life for "I would have if" because you were able to reach your goals.Time was on your side, and you were able to set out and accomplish many things before you embarked on a new journey.

  • Patience comes with practice

  • Throughout your single life you had more time to face adversity. All of the good, bad and ugly moments in your life have tested and strengthened your patience, which will serve you well in motherhood.

  • You have established a relationship with your spouse

  • All the time you spent without children is time spent devoted to developing a stronger relationship with your spouse. Lucky you!

  • People have been there and done that

  • While you've been doing your own thing, friends and family members have been experimenting with the waters of parenthood. Their experiences and knowledge can be beneficial when you come to them with questions like, "Is this normal?" or "What should I do?"

  • Having a baby is wonderful; but that doesn't mean you have to have one right this minute. Enjoy some of the perks of not having a child before you enjoy the perks of being a mom.

Hannah Rose is a content writer for Deseret Digital Media. She loves to run, sing and dance in her spare time.

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