14 hilarious pictures that will make you need a cookie right now

The voice that tells you not to eat cookies? Yeah, don't listen to it.

14 hilarious pictures that will make you need a cookie right now

The voice that tells you not to eat cookies? Yeah, don't listen to it.
  • Sometimes you just need a really delicious, gooey cookie. Whether chewy or crunchy, chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle or sugar cookies coated in frosting, there's a cookie for everyone's sweet tooth.

  • Let's all be united in our love of cookies and enjoy these perfect cookie memes:

  • 1. If you can only have one, better pick the biggest

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  • 2. The charm of little girls selling cookies is far too much to resist

  • 3. Cookies for everyone!

  • Good morning ? #oprah #cookiememe #mzcookies

    A photo posted by MZ Cookies by Fatihah (@officialmzcookies) on

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  • 4. You deserve a cookie for doing a good job today

  • Just give him the cookie! ? #cookie #cookiememe #cookies #dog #dogs #dogmeme #doghumor #meme #memes #memesallday

    A photo posted by OfficialMemeBase (@the_meme_base) on

  • 5. Admit it, even when people get tricky, you still kinda like the cookie

  • Raisin cookies are very deceiving indeed #sotrue #trustissues #meme #truestory #cookiememe

    A photo posted by Zahra (@zahkhan) on

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  • 6. The pull to raw cookie dough is strong

  • #Truth

    A photo posted by Griffen Bakery (@griffenbakery) on

  • 7. Oh, so we should bake the cookies first? Madness!

  • Omg I'm so guilty of this! #cookies #cookiedough #canthelpit

    A photo posted by Meredith (@merthebear) on

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  • 8. Cookie Monster is so wise

  • A wise man once told me... #wisdomwednesday

    A photo posted by Cookie Zombie (@cookiezombiela) on

  • 9. Can you really blame Cookie Monster?

  • #cookie #cookies #cookiememe #cookiemonster #monstersundermybed ???

    A photo posted by Alejandra Barberena (@pizookiemonster) on

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  • 10. Okay, but what about Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

  • But can it be everyday? ?? #lovelyindeedcandygram #onwednesdays #cookies

    A photo posted by Jabber Haus (@jabber_haus) on

  • 11. Eat your veggies, and then have a cookie

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  • Can I get a side of cheese fries too? Just sit them gently in the middle! ? #funny #balance #cookies

    A photo posted by Mindy ? McCullough (@mindymmccullough) on

  • 12. Cookie-cise! Exercise and eating cookies. Brilliant

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  • 13. If you have a friend like this, keep them forever

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  • 14. When all of your friends are drinking and selling diet shakes and exercise routines, we've got you covered

  • OMG.. I did it xD #starwars #cookies #cookiememe #lol #darkside #DoIt

    A photo posted by warriorcats320 (@ace___of_spades) on

  • Cookies aren't all bad. They have flour and eggs. And chocolate and sugar come from plants. Add a glass of milk, and it's a pretty well-balanced treat.

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