Thank you Mary Poppins

We can learn a lot from this super nanny.

Thank you Mary Poppins

We can learn a lot from this super nanny.
  • There are so many concepts we can glean from books, movies and live theater. Mary Poppins happens to have been all three. And what's not to love about a magical nanny who can clean with the snap of her fingers and dole out personalized medicine all while mending a family?

  • Here are some awesome thoughts that'll get you thinking.

  • 1. Applying a little bit of "sweet" is effective in many situations.

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  • 2. Remember to be silly.

  • Keep Calm And Dance With Penguins? #julieandrews #marypoppins

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  • 3. Keep life simple.

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  • 4. Sometimes it's better to not explain ...

  • 5. ... Other times you need to be very clear.

  • 6. Don't judge appearances, no matter how tempting.

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  • 7. Make strong promises.

  • 8. No further explanation needed.

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  • 9. You can end conversations directly and politely, and then go about your business nonplussed.

  • 10. You never know until you try.

  • So appropriate as I board my flight to #tptorlando16 #dreambig #anythingcanhappen

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  • 11. Trust in your dreams.

  • 12. It's less work if you find the fun.

  • 13. You have a whole world to explore.

  • It's a new week! You've got the world at your feet. ✨

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  • 14. Be like a kite.

  • 15. Sometimes we need to look forward to the change when the wind blows.

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  • The biggest thing we can learn from Mary Poppins is that anyone can change. Relationships can be mended. And we should always look for the positive in our situations.

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