25 tweets that only true book nerds will love

Addicted to books? The words, the characters, the smell of the pages? We don't blame you.

25 tweets that only true book nerds will love

Addicted to books? The words, the characters, the smell of the pages? We don't blame you.
  • Are you one of those people who actually loved reading when you were a kid? Book reports were awesome and reading minutes were a treat. As adults, nothing much has changed, except we don't earn grades for our dedication to reading.

  • These tweets perfectly describe the hashtag, #GrowingUpABookNerd.

  • 1. Who needs boys when there are books?

  • 2. That moment you know you're different from your classmates.

  • 3. But what if the lesson in the book is better than the teacher's?

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  • 4. The people and things in books are better than real life.

  • 5. But there are so many books and so little time!

  • 6. When it might be a good idea to just live in, or at least next door to, the library.

  • 7. It's a rough life.

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  • 8. And then you finally meet them and you say all the dumb things.

  • 9. Well, you have to have someone to discuss it with!

  • 10. What do you mean I can't marry Mr. Darcy?

  • 11. This basically sums up my life.

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  • 12. Really, teachers ought to give extra credit for this sort of thing.

  • 13. Perhaps the teacher was using reverse psychology?

  • 14. Real tears for fictional deaths.

  • 15. Or just pack two AND have unlimited electronic books at the ready.

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  • 16. A good portion of my vocabulary has never been spoken by my lips.

  • 17. Don't try to explain; their eyes will just glaze over.

  • 18. When your parents had to find a new punishment ...

  • 19. This also happens when you're thinking of one of your BFFs and realize it's a book character.

  • 20. Not much smells better.

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  • 21. This is usually when I question our friendship.

  • 22. Trying to wait until the end, but you can't because they're missing key information.

  • 23. Apparently we need to find better enablers.

  • 24. It would be an ideal job. That or working in a book store.

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  • 25. And then you overwhelm them with all the books because you keep thinking of new ones to suggest.

  • Nothing's better than reading a good book. You explore new lands, people, circumstances and relationships you likely never would have gotten to without books. Keep reading and be a proud book nerd.

  • What are your #GrowingUpABookNerd experiences?

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