9 reasons why a quick getaway to California is good for your emotional health

If you’re not a California lover yet, here’s why you will be in just one trip.

9 reasons why a quick getaway to California is good for your emotional health

If you’re not a California lover yet, here’s why you will be in just one trip.
  • When your world is falling apart, maybe it's just time for a change of location. Being in a new environment often helps to give struggling souls a fresh perspective, but California in particular has exactly what a healing soul needs.

  • Here are just 9 reasons why you should be booking your trip to California right now if you're looking for an emotional renewal.

  • 1. You won't need to worry about your family.

  • Your family's safety is always a top priority when you travel, if not the highest priority, and can often cause the most stress. There are plenty of safe and family friendly places to visit and stay in California, the trick here is to stay away from some of the more touristy areas and densely populated urban areas. Many popular California cities, though, have family friendly resorts where you can get entertainment for the kids and relaxation for yourself right at your hotel.

  • 2. You can get back to who you once were.

  • Sometimes healing means returning to the the person you used to be, especially who you were as a kid. There are attractions throughout California like Legoland, Disneyland, SeaWorld, or the San Diego Zoo Safari Park that are known for bringing out the child in you again. Your whole family can have a good time, and you can get back to how you felt as a kid.

  • 3. The weather is practically perfect.

  • Warning: it might be difficult to get back to your normal climate after even just a weekend in California. Southern California has even been named one of the "10 Best Weather Places in the World." In the world. If you're still not convinced, get on a plane and hop over to the beach and see for yourself.

  • 4. The fresh food is so good it's addictive.

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  • Marketplaces run rampant in California with fresh food galore. But even if you aren't wanting to spend too much time at a marketplace, drive along the coastline and you'll find stands and small shops to feed California's health craze. Your body (and soul) will thank you for the rejuvenation this healthy food will bring.

  • 5. The less healthy choices aren't so horrible either.

  • If you're not wanting an acai bowl, there are plenty of other foodie options to satisfy your healing soul. California is home to the best of the best when it comes to delicious entities, for the healthy savvy and for those who just crave something sweet. It has even been ranked as having the best food in the country! Still not convinced? Just look at some of these mouthwatering donuts...

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  • 6. The beach. 'Nuff said.

  • One of the best places to find healing is at the beach. Hands down. You find your body and nerves relaxing more while soaking up some Vitamin D, among other health benefits! The soothing sounds of the waves washing up on the shore are a reminder that despite the constant hardships in our lives, there is also a consistency for new beginnings.

  • 7. Californians are very health conscious (and it's not a bad thing).

  • Californians are known for having the best food because they are all about the healthy and fit life. If you're really looking to heal your soul, what better place to go than to the place where everyone is looking to feel good? You might find yourself running along the beach or biking the coastline with the locals, finding new inner strength and renewal along the way.

  • 8. They also know how to relax and have a good time.

  • Maybe it's living in a place where the sun is almost always out, but Californians are generally happier people. Of course, you'll always find the cranks (especially in traffic outside of the larger cities), but you'll also find a greater number of lighthearted people who just know how to be good people. The attitude in California is accepting of everyone, especially yourself. This is often where healing begins. Plus, you may also pick up on a few tricks on how to relax and chill more, another attitude that reigns supreme in California.

  • 9. Getting out in nature has never been an easier choice.

  • You won't want to stay inside with so many natural wonders just right outside. California is filled with national parks that will take your breath away and bring awe back into your life. Truly, it's the best place to get out and find yourself again.

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  • It's time to see for yourself just how renewed you'll feel after a vacation in California. Why not start in beautiful San Diego? Book now for some great prices, see the deal here! Let your soul start healing today by taking the quick getaway it needs!

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