4 times social media wrote the most beautiful love stories

Double tapping, re-tweeting and liking ended up in wedding bells for these pairs.

4 times social media wrote the most beautiful love stories

Double tapping, re-tweeting and liking ended up in wedding bells for these pairs.
  • There are dozens of articles about how social media is ruining your love life, but what if your love story all started because you just couldn't get off your phone? For these 4 couples, social media was how they found their love and wrote their happily ever after.

  • Twitter Tales

  • For Anuj Patel and Sumita Dalmia it didn't take more than 140 characters to write their love story. The two met over Twitter in 2013 when Dalia was trying to find tickets to a concert, and discovered that Patel tweeted about having an extra ticket. The concert wasn't meant to be (the ticket had already been taken), but the two continued to tweet back and forth. Over a few months, the love birds had exchanged phone numbers, chatted on the phone and eventually met in person.

  • When Patel decided to propose, of course, Twitter would help him do the job. The whole thing was live-tweeted with the hashtag #SumitaFindAnuj; different clues were also printed out on boards to look just like the tweets themselves. After an elaborate scavenger hunt for Dalmia that took her atop a hotel's helipad, Patel dropped to his knee with a print out of a tweet reading, "Will you marry me?"

  • She, of course, said yes.

  • Follow their love story with their hashtag #TweetHearts2016, or read more on their beautiful blog.

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  • In love on Instagram

  • For Jared and Courtney, love meant double tapping a couple of photos. Courtney and Jared had found each other's profiles while scrolling Instagram and started following each other. A few photos were "liked" back and forth before Jared left a comment about his "insta-crush" on Courtney. She replied with "insta-blushing." An exchange of phone numbers, a few dates and the two are now married and have the cutest little boy.

  • Their Instagram profiles (@heyceebeeand @jareddahl) are stunning and give their followers a glimpse into seeing love, design and love in the everyday.

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  • Facebook's mistaken marriage

  • This tale has been reported by dozens of news articles, but a love story this quirky never gets old. According to a version featured on the Huffington Post, Schuler Benson found his now wife, Celeste Zendler, all because of a glitch on Facebook. Schuler was living in Arkansas at the time and had mysteriously logged onto Celeste's Facebook account; the account of a woman living in Colorado. The two had never met, did not have any mutual friends and had no idea how this had happened.

  • After a week of being logging into the same account, the two were able to figure out that having Celeste add Schuler as a friend would solve the issue. However, a friend request led to them messaging back and forth for four years, and then meeting in person in 2013. Celeste moved to Arkansas and the couple wed in 2015.

  • As an anniversary tribute, Schuler posted a group of photos from their unique courtship via Imgr.

  • First comes Snapchat

  • While it's not quite marriage for two University of Wisconsin students, the popular Snapchat app was the reason they met. Abby saw the Minnesota Vikings Jersey wearing Reed on the University's Snapchat story, where anyone in the area could post pictures or videos about and around campus. Abby posted a snap with the plea to "Viking Man:" "I'm seriously in love with you. Find me." "Viking Man" posted about a time and place, but Abby didn't see the snap. The two were able to meet in person and exchange numbers, but apparently are not dating. Watch video coverage of their love storyon CNN for more information.

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  • Though this love story hasn't yet ended with wedding bells, it's still a better story than anything streaming on Netflix these days. Watch the Snapchat story that brought them together here:

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