23 beauty tips to make your next date act like a fool for you

Get ready with confidence. Strategically prepare mentally and physically.

23 beauty tips to make your next date act like a fool for you

Get ready with confidence. Strategically prepare mentally and physically.
  • Dating is more like a job interview than a simple get-together. Everything is critically analyzed. It's like a grueling psychoanalysis of compatibility, adding another layer of stress to the already-jittery experience.

  • How do you prepare for this showdown? You get ready with confidence, excitement and strategic mental and physical preparation.

  • Whether you are going on a first date or just another outing with your husband or boyfriend, use these 23 beauty tips and he will fall hard for you:

  • 1. Get a good night's sleep

  • Regardless of whether this is your first or tenth date, getting a full night's sleep is always a good idea. Being fully rested for the day, helps cut the risk of nodding off or uncontrollable yawning at the dinner table.

  • 2. Plan your outfit

  • Isn't it funny how you have one million and ten clothing items, but the minute you have to decide on an outfit, you suddenly have nothing to wear?

  • Plan ahead and save yourself a load of worry later. This will help you feel confident and attractive on your date.

  • 3. Clean your car

  • Whether you're driving or not, your car says a lot about you. Clean out the clothes in the back seat and garbage tucked under the mats. Vacuum the carpets and add an air freshener.

  • 4. Get ready early, not late

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Rushing will leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, overheated and less attractive. Plan ahead and be early.

  • 5. Think of what to talk about

  • First-date conversations are brutal. You know little about each other and every question is a gamble. Sometimes you get a full-blown detailed story or only a one-word reply followed by the dreaded awkward silence.

  • Find out what he likes and doesn't like beforehand so you have a go-to conversation when things turn south. If it's not your first date, research interesting articles or news events to discuss. Find a funny video or picture to share. Creativity and preparation go a long way in date conversations.

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  • 6. Know where you're going

  • If you are planning the date or driving, have a game plan. Knowing where you are going, how you are going to get there, where you are going to park and what you are going to do is vital to your date's success.

  • 7. Get a haircut

  • Looking for a way to impress and stay fresh? Cut your hair. Don't be afraid to groom up as well. When you feel like your best self, you feel confident.

  • 8. Style your new hair

  • Fashion a new and daring hairstyle you have been dying to try. Try the up-do you saw trending on Facebook or valiantly attempt that Pinterest-inspired braid.

  • 9. Pull out your perfume

  • Who doesn't love to be told they smell irresistible? It is a small and simple way to boost your confidence on a date. Spray your favorite fragrance, but don't go overboard!

  • 10. Put on those heels

  • If the setting allows, don't be afraid to dress up with a cute pair of heels. You know love an excuse to get all dolled up!

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  • 11. Shave your legs

  • What woman doesn't feel more confident and more attractive after shaving her legs?

  • 12. Check your bank account

  • Check your funds. A declined card on a date is bad news. Plan a date that fits your budget and won't break your bank account. Check prices beforehand and double-check if the place you are going accepts cards or only cash.

  • 13. Prep your purse

  • Use your purse to your advantage. Pack perfume, face powder, mints, gum, a phone charger, deodorant, tampons, tweezers and lip gloss. Grab the essentials and be prepared. You never know when you are going to need something.

  • 14. Bring your wallet

  • Even if you are not paying for the date, bring your wallet! It shows your date you are willing to share and invest in the night.

  • 15. Listen to fun music

  • Get in a good mood early on! While you're getting ready, grab your go-to upbeat playlist and turn the music all the way up.

  • 16. Dance it out

  • Dance out your nerves and pre-date jitters. Shake it off and get excited!

  • 17. Brush your teeth

  • There is nothing more refreshing than crisp minty breath after you have brushed your pearly whites. Dates can have some intimate moments, and nothing is worse than bad breath. Minty toothpaste and gum are two must-haves.

  • 18. Brighten your eyes

  • Don't go overboard with dark eyeshadow. Lighten up your look. Keep it flirty and fun. Accentuate the color of your eyes with a bright color and a little accent of white eyeshadow under your brow and in the corner of your eye.

  • 19. Add sparkle

  • Accessorize with jewelry you don't always wear. Men notice even the smallest additions to your appearance, even your new pinky ring. Adding just a little sparkle to your look increases your confidence.

  • 20. Pluck your eyebrows

  • If your eyebrows are always trimmed and well-kept, you'll always feel beautiful. Tame and precise eyebrows keep you feeling confident and secure when looking others in the eyes.

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  • 21. Plan your exit line

  • Plan your escape route and your escape phrase. Having an idea of how you want to say goodbye will ease any goodbye-awkwardness.

  • 22. Silence your phone

  • Turn off your phone and put it out of sight. Taking time to disconnect from virtual needs and notifications allows you to focus solely on the person you are dating.

  • 23. Send cute texts

  • The gentleman taking you on a date cannot read your mind. Text him before the date to let him know you're excited. Text him after to thank him and let him know you had a good time. Even married couples should text to show excitement for their get-together.

Hannah Rose is a content writer for Deseret Digital Media. She loves to run, sing and dance in her spare time.

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