17 traits of a life-long lover

An individual with these 17 traits will love you forever, guaranteed.

17 traits of a life-long lover

An individual with these 17 traits will love you forever, guaranteed.
  • Love should be life-long and everlasting. It is an emotional commitment to another individual never to be broken or lost. The most romantic idea is to love someone till the end of time.

  • There are multiple signs and traits of an individual that will love you till the day you die, below are 17:

  • 1. Committed

  • An individual that never lets you go a single day without feeling like they are committed to you is one to keep around. Unwavering support and commitment that is not only shared through words but small acts of kindness is a strong indicator of a person in for the long haul.

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  • 2. Makes coming home exciting

  • When days are long and stressful having someone who makes you genuinely excited to come home to is essential. You long for the big hug that awaits you when you walk in the front door and the kiss that is likely to follow.

  • 3. Listens

  • No matter what you have to say, they listen to understand where you are coming from and exactly what you need. They are your person. They provide honest feedback and do not judge you.

  • 4.Empathetic

  • A person's ability to understand someone else's feelings or emotions and be empathetic in good and bad situations is one to keep. The unwavering and constant backbone they provide will help you feel centered in a sea of chaos.

  • 5. Fights Fair

  • They are willing to discuss problems head on but are also able to take a step back and apologize when necessary. They keep a level head in the heat of the moment and look for solutions to problems.

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  • 6. Knows what makes you laugh

  • Look for a person that understands your humor and can make you laugh even on your hardest days.

  • 7. Respects your beliefs and values

  • They carry a mutual respect for the beliefs and values you hold. They may not agree or see eye-to-eye on every little thought but they respect and adore your commitment to what you believe.

  • 8. Make you want to be your very best self

  • Life-long love makes you want to be your best self. They help you see a brighter and more optimistic version of yourself. Together you accentuate and encourage each other to be more than you are.

  • 9. They can say sorry

  • "I'm sorry." Sometimes they are the two hardest words to utter. Look for someone who is slow to anger and quick to forgive.

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  • 10. You can't get enough of them

  • You were just with them and right after you part from each other you want them back by your side. It's a magnetic pulse of longing that keeps your heart racing.

  • 11. Family approves of them

  • Not only do you love them but your whole family does as well. Individuals that capture the hearts of the ones you love most are rare and desirable.

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  • 12. Their quirks are attractive

  • Even the snort in their laugh is highly attractive.

  • 13. They make you want to settle down

  • Individuals that make you want to settle down and have a life together is one that is likely to last forever. A future family and life without them would simply feel incomplete.

  • 14. You fall more in love with them over time

  • An individual that consumes your mind and constantly provides you with a reason to fall more and more in love with them is a trait of a person you will love forever. Finding someone you will never be satisfied with is vital for a lasting a relationship.

  • 15. They understand the way you think

  • They know what you are thinking before you have even conjured up the thought yourself. They admire the way you solve problems and love the way you speak.

  • 16. They believe you are the greatest person to ever exist

  • No one compares to you. They value you at the price of the most expensive gold and would never let you go a day without knowing your worth. If you are everything to them, they will love you forever.

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  • 17. You want to love them when you're 83

  • You want to be by their side when grey hair adorns their temples, their skin is starting to sag and they develop stark wrinkle lines from all the smiles you have shared throughout the years.

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