5 things you think your husband cares about but he really doesn’t

Sometimes it feels like a guessing game between the sexes. Here are some things you can know about men for sure.

5 things you think your husband cares about but he really doesn’t

Sometimes it feels like a guessing game between the sexes. Here are some things you can know about men for sure.
  • All too often women focus their efforts on what they think their husbands want to hear and see, rather than what they actually want. You try so hard to be the best wife that you sometimes forget to study him and play off of his actions.

  • Contrary to what you may have heard, seen or just assumed, your husband probably does not care about these five things:

  • 1. Forgetting things

  • So you forgot to buy his mother a birthday present, you didn't wash his white shirt like he asked and you don't remember his favorite song. These minor things mean nothing in the grand scheme of your relationship.

  • He loves that you try to do everything right the first time. He appreciates how much you care about making him happy. He will never forget how disappointed you look when you make a mistake.

  • Just be sure to remember the big moments and those smaller things will seem less important.

  • 2. Money

  • He doesn't necessarily care about the money; being able to provide for his wife and family is what he really values. He knows that working hard and earning money is what will allow him to take care of his family, so that is what he does.

  • When you think he is working too hard because he wants to have extra fun money for himself, think again.

  • He wants to take you out on a date to give you a break. He wants to spend quality time with the love of his life by working hard enough to be given time off. He wants to make sure that your family will be taken care of financially if anything happens to him. He is preparing for the future; money is just a small piece of the puzzle.

  • 3. You looking picture perfect everyday

  • The stubble on your legs and armpits or last night's mascara still on your face may not make you feel as attractive as you'd like, but he doesn't even care.

  • Sure, he likes when you dress up for him. Of course he loves it when your legs are smooth. But letting it grow out for a bit and not putting on makeup when you do not feel up to it is not going to turn him off.

  • He likes to know that you are comfortable enough to be completely makeup free around him. It shows that you really can be yourself around him.

  • 4. Talking to other men

  • You can't seclude yourself from every man on the planet just because you are married; he doesn't expect you to either.

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  • There is a definite difference between being too flirty and just being kind to other men. He talks to other women too and knows that as long as you are not doing it out of dissatisfaction for each other, then you are okay.

  • Don't be awkward around other men because you are worried about your husband. Treat them with respect and remember stay loyal.

  • 5. Attention

  • Do you appreciate your husband? Let him know it through your actions and your words. You don't have to throw him a grand party with all of his friends and family. He just needs you to notice it.

  • Generally, men do not like to be the center of attention. They would much rather push the spotlight on you and let you take the credit for things you decide together.

  • Don't feel like you need to acknowledge him for every little thing that he does well. Just like with forgetting the little details, it's the big events that matter. Embrace the big changes and huge accomplishes he makes with loads of attention and leave the small things to just a small word of thanks.

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