47 things men will NEVER understand about women

If you're a man, you will NEVER understand these things.

47 things men will NEVER understand about women

If you're a man, you will NEVER understand these things.
  • Men, admit it: there are certain things women say and do that you will never understand. Although we are both human there are some stark differences between males and females that cannot be ignored.

  • You may think you have some understanding of the opposite sex but after reading this list you may realize there is so much more that you will NEVER understand.

  • 1. It takes half an hour to get ready for bed

  • 2. The need to always have a hair elastic on your wrist

  • Men will never understand the joy of finding an elastic band stretched out enough to not cut off our circulation by the end of the day.

  • 3. Why you have to change purses often

  • Even though the purse we just used is perfectly fine... we have to switch it up sometimes.

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  • 4. Chipping a nail after just having them done

  • 5. Why all of the important items are ALWAYS at the bottom of your purse

  • When it's do or die and you NEED something in your purse it's never in the place you left it. It is always in the clutter at the bottom of the bag.

  • 6. The awkward struggle of trying to secretly grab a tampon out of your purse

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  • 7. Deciding on a new haircut feels like the end of the world

  • 8. Do I or do I not chop my hair off?!

  • 9. You have to try on everything in your closet

  • 10. Walking like a normal human being in heels

  • 11. Pressure to always be thin

  • 12. Shopping is a social activity

  • 13. Sometimes you need someone to go to the restroom with

  • 14. Catching up on the phone takes hours

  • Three hours later ...

  • 15. Why it feels good to take your bra off at the end of the night

  • 16. Getting undone often times takes as much time as getting done up.

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  • 17. Throw pillows are a thing. The more the merrier

  • 18. Chocolate is a girl's best friend

  • Chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate milk. It comes from a bean so it's healthy right?

  • 19. Saying "I'm fine."

  • She's not fine.

  • 20. How horrifying and disrespectful cat calling is

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  • 21. Pant shopping is the WORST

  • 22. Why you have the same shirt in 5 different colors

  • A shirt that not only looks good but also feels good deserves to be bought in every shade.

  • 23. Why eye shadow is a work of art and a talent

  • Different brushes, different strokes, and a million different looks.

  • 24. When you need a picture taken you actually want 30 shots taken

  • Every girl needs options. One picture will never be enough.

  • 25. Cramps and period pain are real

  • Can someone pass the Midol?

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  • 26. Why you crave sweet things on your periods

  • 27. Why you always ask if you look fat in your outfits

  • 28. Romantic comedies are heaven sent

  • 29. There is a significant difference between leggings and tights

  • 30. Sometimes you need sympathy not a solution

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  • 31. Women are secretly slobs

  • 32. Marriage is important to us

  • 33. Packing your bags for a trip takes hours

  • 34. We ALWAYS over pack

  • We can justify packing for all four seasons.

  • 35. We are NOT looking to hook up

  • 36. It will take a woman 45 minutes to shower, while it will probably take a man 5 minutes.

  • 37. We cry watching movies, reading books, seeing babies and basically at just about everything tender we see.

  • 38. Being able to wear a size 2 in one pair of jeans and a size 8 in another

  • Why can't all clothing sizes be the same?

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  • 39. We obsess over baby and bridal showers

  • 40. Boobs get in the way... A LOT

  • 41. Wearing lipstick increases our confidence

  • 42. How quickly our emotions can change

  • 43. When we get to know you, we put you to the daddy test

  • We are constantly looking to see if you would make a good father.

  • 44. We like to date bad boys

  • It is just a part of who we are, sorry!

  • 45. The car mirror has the best lighting for tweezing your eyebrows

  • 46. The pressure of always having shaved legs

  • 47. Constantly losing bobby pins and hair elastics

Hannah Rose is a content writer for Deseret Digital Media. She loves to run, sing and dance in her spare time.

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