15 quotes only those who deeply love their sister will understand

Tag your sister - these are beautiful.

15 quotes only those who deeply love their sister will understand

Tag your sister - these are beautiful.
  • Only those who have a deep connection with their sisters can understand the beautiful relationship of sisterhood. Sisters are the best - and sometimes the worst. You fight with them, laugh with them and watch each either grow up.

  • If your sister is your best friend, you'll definitely relate to these wonderful truths.

  • 1. She's there for you in the good AND bad times

  • 2. Even through your awful teenage years, you always knew you'd have at least one friend - your sister.

  • 3. She's likely the only one who REALLY understands how to cheer you up

  • 4. When everything else is crumbling around you, she's the one thing that stays constant

  • 5. And no one knows how to tattle on you quite like a sister (even when it's her fault)

  • 6. Walking down memory lane with her brings a wave of sentimental happiness

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  • 7. She encourages you because she knows what you are capable of. You believe her because she knows who you really are.

  • 8. No one makes you laugh like a sister, especially during life's hard times

  • 9. Even with your obnoxious habits, she loves you anyway

  • 10. Most friends drift in and out of your life, but a sister is that she is there to stay.

  • 11. She protects you better than anyone

  • 12. And she knows how to hurt you more than anyone else as well (but she tries not to)

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  • 13. You're never more yourself than when you're with her

  • If any of these resonated with you, share them with your sister.

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