Satisfy your french fry obsession by visiting the best fry joints in all 50 states

This article is guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Satisfy your french fry obsession by visiting the best fry joints in all 50 states

This article is guaranteed to make your mouth water.
  • Alabama

  • Flip Burger Boutique, Birmingham, Alabama

  • Happy #fryday - you know what to do... #flipburgerboutique #fries #frenchfries #frenchfries?

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  • "Great place! First off let me say that the view outside is just wonderful. When you walk in the artwork is amazing. We got there right before closing and they didn't rush our service. Our server was polite! He recommended "Poutine" for those of you who haven't been yet it is: beef fat fries, cheese curds, chorizo gravy, fried egg! May I just say YUM!" - Laura J., Yelp

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  • Alaska

  • F Street Station, Anchorage, Alaska

  • My favorite ❤️❤️ #fishandchips #yummmmm #ak #akfood #food

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  • "The fish and chips are literally the best I've ever had in my life. The fish is fresh and light — like pillows of deliciousness. The French fries are crispy with the perfect amount of salt. Service is fast. You can see the whole meal cooked in front of you. Show up hungry and get the full sized version — you won't regret it." - Cynthia L., Yelp

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  • Arizona

  • Zinburger, Phoenix, Arizona

  • "And the fries and sides stand up to the burger. We ordered our favorite, zucchini fries. That's healthy, right? Not really, but the battered, fried zucchini sticks sprinkled with parmesan are amazing." - Howard E., Yelp

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  • "Truffle fries are to die for. Amazing salad, amazing burgers, amazing atmosphere... no complaints here!" - Julia S., Yelp

  • Arkansas

  • The Root Café, Little Rock, Arkansas

  • "Excellent quality, perfectly cooked and spiced and plenty of it. I had a hamburger (maybe the best tasting beef burger I've had) that comes with a side of greens and some dressing (very simple but very delicious), soup of the day (onion of some type...can't remember the name), sweet potato fries and a praline and chocolate chip cookie. First of all, I don't particularly care for sweet potato fries, but ordered a large for the table and I would actually order them again." - Velma D., Yelp

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  • California

  • Smoke's Poutinerie, Los Angeles, California

  • We listened to your feedback! We are excited to announce that the Chicken Bacon Ranch is now a permanent menu item.

    A photo posted by Smoke's Poutinerie (@smokes_poutinerie) on

  • "Let's get to what matters, this dish is not for the faint of heart - it's French fries with cheese curds and gravy!!! I'm not a big fan of French fries but I LOVE cheese and cheese curds!!! and gravy is ok too, so combine the three and you're winning in my book." - Candace L., Yelp

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  • "Last night, my friend and I stopped by Smoke's to savor the goodness that is poutine. Smoke's did NOT disappoint :)" - Stephanie U., Yelp

  • Colorado

  • Tag, Denver, Colorado

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  • "The duck fat fries lightly dusted with salt, sugar, and cayenne pepper made my boyfriend's day. Each one has a slightly different seasoning balance which keeps them interesting." - Brigitte O., Yelp

  • "Wow. Just a great place. Had the TAG Kobe burger with egg, fried chicken skin, bacon. My was it delicious but let me tell you about the fries. French fries cooked in duck fat. One of the best fries I've had. No Joke. This place is worth it. GO HERE!" - Frank D., Yelp

  • Connecticut

  • B&F Burgers and Frites, Salisbury, CT

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  • "A few burgers, chicken sandwiches, a salad, a soup, and a bunch of orders of fries later we were all in heaven. My burger was perfect. The caramelized onions delicious. My wife's salad was also delicious. B&F seems to be particularly proud of their fries or "frites" as they call them. There are four or five sauces, but we all ordered them without. Just a little salt and pepper. I've never had better, the pier fries in Old Orchard Beach are a close second. Despite the 90 min ride, we'll be back. If you live closer you should be there more often!" - Chuck D., Yelp

  • Delaware

  • Two Stones Pub, Newark, Delaware

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  • "I ordered a side of the sweet potato fries that come with molasses, brown sugar, and a vanilla bourbon crema sauce. That was hands down the best pairing I've had with sweet potato fries, which was surprising bc I'm typically a savory dip kind of gal." - Edna R., Yelp

  • "Worthy burger side kicks are the truffle fries and chicken wings - both artfully balanced in every way making my taste buds numb with delight." - Nicolas N., Yelp

  • Florida

  • Café Bistro, Miami, Florida

  • #nordstrom #tacomafood #tacomamall #tacomafoodie #seattlefood #seattlefoodie #seattleeats #cafebistro #steakandfries #steakfrites

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  • "The Crab Bisque is the best ever!!! The French fries are delicious they have rosemary and thyme. The kalamata olive aioli is an awesome pairing to the fries." - Xenia R., Yelp

  • "While the food is great, I personally LOVE the Kalamata Olive Aioli dip they serve with their fries. It's like crack. You can order whatever you want off the menu and chances are you won't be disappointed.. but give me that dang dip. Our food will come out and 100& of the time we'll always have the fries/dip before we even touch anything else on the plate." - Irene H., Yelp

  • Georgia

  • The Fry Guy, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Just got every single bit of my life #TheFryGuy

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  • "The truck was eye-catching and the menu seemed interesting so I decided to try it out. I ordered the bacon French fries with bacon aioli and scallions and it was AMAZING." - Gretchen T., Yelp

  • "I mean their fries are just amazing!! It was my first time so I went classic w the aioli dipping sauce and they were just so good. Fried to perfection and the sauce was great. Cannot wait to eat them again and get a little more crazy!!!" - Amy H., Yelp

  • Hawaii

  • W&M Bar-B-Q Burger, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • What's good in the 'hood, Kaimuki? #wmburger #kaimuki #waialaeave #steak #royal #fries #cheatday

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  • "Ordered the Hal's Special and fries. The fries taste just like McDonalds, if not a little better. Hal's Special was also very good." - Travis M., Yelp

  • "Voted Hawaii's best. Been in business since 1952, serving up the same burgers the family started with 63 years ago. Can't go wrong with a bbq cheeseburger, fries, and green river." - Tammy C., Yelp

  • Idaho

  • Boise Fry Company, Boise, Idaho

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  • "Had Boise Fry Company for the first time the other evening and it was great! The fries were awesome, especially with the jalapeno seasoning. There were plenty of fries (more than I could eat), but despite the fries being the main attraction the burger was just as good!" - Jonathan H., Yelp

  • "We had the sweet potato fries which were the best sweet potato fries I've ever had." - Ellen B., Yelp

  • Illinois

  • Benjyehuda, Chicago, Illinois

  • The best things in life don't last forever. #BenjYehuda

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  • "Fries are amazing, best in Chicago for sure." - Seth B., Yelp

  • "The fries are some of the best in city. I'm pretty particular about fries. For 6 years as a teenager I had a job preparing hand cut fries. Good fries should not be taken for granted. I have had fries at some of the best steak joints and burger joints in the city but I don't think any of them compare to Benjyeuda's. Sure the rest of the menu is good but don't pass on the fries." - John Y., Yelp

  • Indiana

  • Bru Burger Bar, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Chili cheese BRU fries. #getinmybelly #bruburger #bruburgerbar

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  • "Let me tell you. It was amazing. The fries were perfect and not even a little greasy. The ketchup is SO GOOD." - Brittany H., Yelp

  • "Amazing burgers and fries! You can smell this place from a block away and it will make you visit even if you just came from here. There is also a really nice outdoor seating area. Be sure to try all the dipping sauces for the fries!" - Ryan S., Yelp

  • Iowa

  • Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

  • #justforfun #niketraining

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  • "Best quality burgers in town. Impressive variety, great atmosphere, and their fries are the best." - Justin T., Yelp

  • "Best burger I've had in my life! I had the Trailer Trash something-or-other, and it was fantastic. Fried pickles, chicken fried bacon, fried cheese curds, and ranch. For real. We also shared the combo basket of fries, and it was some of the best poutine I've had, and that counts Canada itself. I also enjoyed the shake of the day, peach and snicker doodle. The burger even made the shake taste better. I had to have someone roll me home, but it was worth it!" - Deirdre R., Yelp

  • K ansas

  • Dempsey Burger Pub, Wichita, Kansas

  • Just something beautiful from my afternoon

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  • "Truffle fries are yummy and if you can handle some spice get the Fire fries! This is a great joint ... roll the dice and try some new stuff!" - Kevin K., Yelp

  • "Excellent burger pub! The burgers are amazing and unique! The fries are off the hook, and the dipping sauces are the cherry on top that just makes you go "Oh my gosh this is so good!" - Traci S., Yelp

  • Kentucky

  • Hammerheads, Louisville, Kentucky

  • Duck fat truffle fries from Hammerheads are superb! ?? #eatlouisville

    A photo posted by Eat Louisville (@eatlouisville) on

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  • "You want to take someone out for a good meal in Louisville? You go here. The location is weird. The place is small. Prepare to wait. (but, it will be worth it.) Sweet potato fries, duck fat fries, and Grippo's fries — all winners." - Emily M., Yelp

  • "Awesome dive bar- but be prepared to eat something fried! Our table had BBQ fries, truffle fries, fried mac and cheese, shrimp and grits, duck tacos, elk burger and everyone was raving about how great it was! Will set come back!" - Natalie D., Yelp

  • Louisiana

  • The Fry Bar, New Orleans, Louisiana

  • We make fries!

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  • "OMGGGGGG!!!!!! MUST HAVE. I can't even form sentences just thinking about this... or at least without salivating." - Molly B., Yelp

  • "LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fry Bar. They are another one of the mobile foods stands quickly popping up all over the city. They specialize in Fries, YUMMY Gourmet fries!" - Eileen Z., Yelp

  • Maine

  • Nosh Kitchen Bar, Portland, Maine

  • Salt and vinegar, every time. #Maine #fries

    A photo posted by Dan Zarin (@pie_for_breakfast) on

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  • "Best French fries ever. First time we went everyone ordered different flavor fries and we loved everything. Oir [sic] burgers and sandwiches we're amazing." - Adrian H.

  • "Bacon dusted fries - enough said. A must!!!" - Tory K., Yelp

  • Maryland

  • Samos Greek Island Grill, Baltimore, Maryland

  • #samosgig #feta #greek #fries

    A photo posted by SamosGreekIslandGrill (@samos_greekislandgrill) on

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  • "LOVE LOVE LOVE their gyros. So fresh! The Greek fries are amazing, and I don't even like french fries." - Samantha C., Yelp

  • "My order was out promptly and the food was plated nicely, the tomatoes and onions were super fresh, the fries were just like I like them, and everything was delicious. It was a quick lunch that did not disappoint! I'LL BE BACK!!!! *in my terminator voice" - Jamila T., Yelp

  • Massachusetts

  • Saus, Boston, Massachusetts

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  • "FRIES FRIES FRIES FRIES. That's all you need to know and all you need to order. They were piping hot and crisp and excellent. We shared two big orders of fries with plenty of extra sauces— our favorites were this herby green one, the bacon one and the garlic mayo (they have funky names I can't remember)." - Karen S., Yelp

  • "Best fries ever! I lived in Belgium for 6 months and Saus makes their fries just like the Belgians do. Good dipping sauces, good fries, good beer." - Courtney H., Yelp

  • Michigan

  • Green Dot Stables, Detroit, Michigan

  • ?Y A Y ? F R Y - D A Y ? #friday #greendotstables #eeeeeats #detroit #feedfeed #detroitfood

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  • "Worth multiple visits. Well thought out, fun and creative slider options. Delicious fries." - Louise D., Yelp

  • "Awesome sliders and the fries are to die for!!!!" - Wendy H., Yelp

  • Minnesota

  • Casper's and Runyon's Nook, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • I guess this is what they eat in Minneapolis #juicylucy

    A photo posted by Kendall Bruns (@megalonyx) on

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  • "Unbelievable sweet potato fries, great wings, awesome and delicious burger and fries! Outstanding place! Well done" - Stan C., Yelp

  • "These fresh cut fries are in my opinion the best fries I have had anywhere as they are crispy but has a nice texture to them. I took my first bite of the stuffed burger and instantly knew I was a customer for life." - Ryan N., Yelp

  • Mississippi

  • Walker's Drive-In, Jackson, Mississippi

  • Walk(ers) this way... to a killer shrimp po boy for lunch! #finditinfondren #fondren #eatgood #eatlocal

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  • "I can't believe I have lived in Jackson for almost 8 years and just finally ate here! It was amazing! I had the filet and my husband had the bone in ribeye! Both cooked to perfection! Portion size was also great! We had plenty to take home! Also the truffle fries are a must! 5 stars isn't enough!" - Alice W., Yelp

  • "Great sandwiches, burgers, salads, and portobella fries. The wait can be long at lunch, but definitely worth it. The fries are the best and have the right amount of seasoning, texture, and flavor." - Sam L., Yelp

  • Missouri

  • The Westside Local, Kansas City, Missouri

  • Stop by this evening for seabass fish n chips!

    A photo posted by The Westside Local (@thewestsidelocal) on

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  • "Make sure you make a reservation for this place otherwise you risk no availability. Our waitress was most helpful and friendly, our food was delicious, and the atmosphere was fabulous. I had a burger (blue collar) and fries, served with a homemade pickle spear and homemade ketchup. The fries were delicious and crisp, the burger was cooked to perfection. I've been here several times and never had bad food or service!" - Angie R., Yelp

  • Montana

  • The Burger Dive, Billings, Montana

  • ➖ living in America ➖ #gettingfat #mexicanamerican #rmc

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  • "Their fries were also cooked to perfection. Had the parmfries and you can tell it was freshly fried. I would definitely recommend and come back." - Ellen C., Yelp

  • "I am actually obsessed with this place. The fries are best of my life—no exaggeration—and I've tried several burgers but usually go with the ahi sandwich just so I can shove in more fries." - Shannon A., Yelp

  • Nebraska

  • Block 16, Omaha, Nebraska

  • Dragon fries are my bf ??

    A photo posted by Mariah Zambuto (@hey.there.mariah) on

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  • Great gourmet twist on a sandwich and fries joint. You can't go wrong with any of the specialty fries." - Ryan M., Yelp

  • "Amazing food - you can tell great food is their passion! Never skip the dragon fries ... they go with everything!" - Jason L., Yelp

  • Nevada

  • Bachi Burger, Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • "The ox tail French fries are to die for!!!" - Brittany B., Yelp

  • "OMG! The burgers are soooo good! The truffle fries are amazing! And the ramen is good also! Please check this place out one of my go to spots when I'm in vegas." - Rebekah B., Yelp

  • New Hampshire

  • The Gyro Spot, Manchester, New Hampshire

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  • "Is this what feta is supposed to taste like?! Wow, I've been deceived my entire life. Awesome feta fries." - Donald S., Yelp

  • "Great place! Love their gyro, ask for extra tzatziki on it. Their french fries with feta are to die for!!!" - K. P., Yelp

  • New Jersey

  • McGovern's Tavern, Newark, New Jersey

  • Their famous "Irish Fries& buffalo wings" with a blue moon.

    A photo posted by Betzaida Rod (@taina777) on

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  • "My never fail, go-to on the Rutgers-Newark campus! Everyone should try the lava fries!" - Melissa H., Yelp

  • "Take your standard issue French fires, cover them in buffalo wing sauce, then in cheese, toss 'em in the broiler. Couple that with the old school vibe, the no television (except World Cup soccer games - a fair exception), and great burgers, and this is a can't miss for downtown Newark." - Ken S., Yelp

  • New Mexico

  • The Last Call, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • #Repost @fitfergie: Carne asada fries!!!! Amazing!!! #thelastcall #carneasada #nobhill #newmexico #albuquerque

    A photo posted by ABQeats: Albuquerque Eats - NM (@abqeats) on

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  • "Amazing. An order of the fries was all I needed to give this place five stars because that is how amazing the fries were. I highly HIGHLY recommend this place." - Vitamin D., Yelp

  • "This place is amazing. The service is great. The food is amazing! The carne asada fries are one of the best things you will ever eat. One of the gems of Albuquerque." - Jor-El M., Yelp

  • New York

  • Sticky's Finger Joint, New York, New York

  • Our s'more fries are no joke

    A photo posted by Sticky's Finger Joint (@stickysfingerjoint) on

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  • "My go to place for fries for lunch! I love the many dipping sauce options, the friendly staff and quick service. My coworkers and I know exactly where to go when we're craving the perfect truffle fries and fried chicken." - Karla A., Yelp

  • "1st ever and it was GREAT!!!!! Bacon Mac Fries are delicious WoW!!!!!!! Also had a side of Cajun fries. A Large order of Fingers it's like $12 for 5 pcs. I loved everything!" - Sandra R., Yelp

  • North Carolina

  • Greco Fresh Grille, Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Lamb burger and lemon oregano fries. Opah!

    A photo posted by Michelle Pavlakos (@mpav2) on

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  • "Lemon-oregano fries! Their fries are our favorite fries in Charlotte!" - Steve M., Yelp

  • "I come for the fries. Some of the best pub style fries in Charlotte. Different hummus every day. Generous portions." - Daniel P., Yelp

  • North Dakota

  • Lucky's 13 Pub, Fargo, North Dakota

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  • "The sweet potato fries are thin and salty-licious. Live music is a plus in Friday nights!" - Kary J., Yelp

  • "I don't think I've ever had a bad experience here. The portions are insane ... always enough to take some home and have a second meal. Also probably the best sweet potato fries I've had anywhere!" - Donna A., Yelp

  • Ohio

  • Lavash Café, Columbus, Ohio

  • ?

    A photo posted by Tina Torbati (@strategic_diva) on

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  • The food, and SERVICE was amazing ... If you go here, you must try the fries!" - Nick G., Yelp

  • "French fries are made fresh with every order, black bean hummus is the best hummus I've ever had, lentil soup is delicious! If the food wasn't enough, the people who work there are super friendly and efficient. Overall great restaurant!" - Alex S., Yelp

  • Oklahoma

  • Tucker's Onion Burgers, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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  • "Possibly the most amazingly awesome burger I've ever eaten. The service was great! The atmosphere is cozy and perfect. The fries ... oh em gee! Freakishly good." - Kathleen B., Yelp

  • "Made to perfection, I could eat here daily with no regrets. French fries are perfect. Make this part of your regular eating out location!" -Josh D., Yelp

  • Oregon

  • Potato Champion, Portland, Oregon

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  • "I dream about their fries... poutine... pesto mayo sauce... hot mustard sauce.... Bottom line: Best. Fries. Ever." - Feuy S., Yelp

  • "Poutine fries are so good!!! I thought the vegetarian gravy was going to be disgusting but it is delicious!! Definitely get the special fries or any fries. Gotta love em all :) the staff are nice as well!" - Selah T., Yelp

  • Pennsylvania

  • Bareburger, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • It's always time for fries! Thanks for the cool shot @getlinute #bareburger #bareburgerphilly #organic #frenchfries #lunch #dinner #anytime

    A photo posted by Bareburger Philadelphia (@bareburger_philly) on

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  • "I just found this place today and can't say enough about the staff and the burgers and sweet potato fries. Such a nice place and very pleased with my take out meal. Most delicious burger I've had in a long time. Will definitely be back." - Lauren M., Yelp

  • "Sweet potato fries - They come with the 'special sauce' and that's basically the best part. The fries also always come out crispy and hot. Ambience is also nice — everything is very open with cool-toned wooden furniture so you don't feel too stuffy while scarfing down your burger. Overall, can't wait to come back here (for the 1000000th time) to try something different on their menu." - Ivy L., Yelp

  • Rhode Island

  • Red Stripe, Providence, Rhode Island

  • truffle fries ?? (and yes, a chicken leg is on the side)

    A photo posted by Long Island Foodies (@long_fork_island) on

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  • "I love Red Stripes; it is one of my favorite restaurants. This is largely because of their fries(frites), which are the best I have ever had. I sometimes joke that I get some steak with the fries, instead of getting some fries with the steak." - Kincso T., Yelp

  • "We can't stop ordering the mussels with those awesome thin fries. We'll be back!" - Michael J., Yelp

  • South Carolina

  • Grill Marks, Columbia, South Carolina

  • Brilliant burgers @grillmarkscola with parents and The Boy #HawiianPunch #Rare

    A photo posted by Mike Gellatly (@onetmike) on

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  • "This place has great burgers. I had the Gobbler, organic turkey, sweet potato fries and a chocolate shake. It was excellent. My husband had a burger and fat fries which are basically steak fries. We will be definitely going back." - Sharon F., Yelp

  • South Dakota

  • Taphouse 41, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • BAJA burger with duck fat fries omg...

    A photo posted by Sam Leverson? (@sleverson) on

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  • "Great food, pub like atmosphere, and Duckfat Fries. Do I need to say more? Great burgers, and Duckfat Fries. Staff is friendly and service is awesome, and Duckfat Fries!" - Rich M., Yelp


  • Tennessee

  • Young Avenue Deli, Memphis, Tennessee


    A photo posted by Meagan Fowler ? (@magginfowlar) on

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  • "Pimento cheese fries are awesome. LOVE the chili cheese fries." - Sarah L., Yelp

  • "... THE SECRET LIES THEREIN THE FRIES. Chili cheese fries, to be exact ... Oh. My." - J. Z., Yelp

  • "Two words: FRENCH FRIES!" - Nicole P., Yelp

  • Texas

  • Stanton's City Bites, Houston, Texas

  • [06/07/16] - some slight grubbin'

    A post shared by Adnaan Jamal (@ajam.jpeg) on

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  • "Fries on fries on fries. Perfect for friends who want different kinds of fries! Curly fries. Italian fries. Chili cheese fries. Sweet potato fries. Mmmmm, fries." - Jocelyn C., Yelp

  • "Highly recommend this place. The food is fresh and delicious. The burger is tasty and not fatty. The fries are crispy not oily. Hidden gem!" - Doctor S., Yelp

  • Utah

  • Bruges Waffles &Frites, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • @maxwelldonnelly literally has zero common sense

    A photo posted by Meg (@megyd1017) on

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  • "The 'frite' (fries) here are AWESOME! The portions are slightly out of control and all three sizes are gigantic. They're fried in horse fat, which I have never heard of, and is the reason they are slightly crispy but not greasy." - Dan H., Yelp

  • "OMG. Some of the best fries I have EVER had!! No wonder the party before me came in just to order 4 orders of fries to go." - Ashley M., Yelp

  • Vermont

  • Penny Cluse Café, Burlington, Vermont

  • Best Tofu Scram I've had yet! At #PennyCluseCafe

    A photo posted by @newfidadian on

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  • "The home fries were delicious, some of the best I've had. The eggs were great. There is a reason people wait an hour! I recommend this breakfast spot." - Jarrett B., Yelp

  • "I ordered french toast with a side of home fries. Both were delicious, and the home fries were absolutely phenomenal." - Stacie S., Yelp

  • Virginia

  • Repeal Bourbons and Burgers, Virginia Beach, Virginia

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  • "Awesome burger and the bacon dusted fries were on point!!!! Definitely coming back!" - Kishuan D., Yelp

  • "omg BACON DUSTED FRIES. BOMB DOT COM!" - Christina C., Yelp

  • Washington

  • Li'l Woody's, Seattle, Washington

  • At some point I opted out of the chaotic approach to putting ketchup on my fries. Add that to my list of regrets.

    A photo posted by Brian Saunders (@lookslikewhoop) on

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  • "The queso fries are to die for!!!!! They put some kind of spice and magic in the cheese ... I must find out what it is! Drooolllllllsssssss" - Jenny C., Yelp

  • "The fries were exactly what I wanted. Greasy, perfect texture. The burger may have even seen a dip or two in the ice cream. How could I resist. The portion of fries was more than enough for one, but I won't deny it, they were obliterated. I'll be ordering again in the future! Probably the Fig and the Pig, but I may branch out." - David L., Yelp

  • West Virginia

  • Bluegrass Kitchen, Charleston, West Virginia

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  • "West Virginia has a little side of amazingness and it's called BlueGrass Kitchen. Located in WV's East end Historic district this place is a hidden gem." - Tatum C., Yelp

  • "What a gem in Charleston!" - Robert K., Yelp

  • Wisconsin

  • Comet Café, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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  • "Best seasoned fries & best chipotle [sic] mayo. Love." - Kitt H., Yelp

  • "The atmosphere is welcoming. I absolutely love the loft style design. I ordered the burger with seasoned fries with the cucumber sauce. The fries were delicious! I haven't had great fries like this anywhere. The cucumber sauce was fresh and crispy. Best tasting cucumber sauce that I've ever had." - Patrini S., Yelp

  • Wyoming

  • Crowbar & Grill, Laramie, Wyoming

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  • "Oh my gosh!!! If you want a totally wonderful evening this is the place!!! Fabulous variety of burgers, amazing Pad Thai fries . " - Tamara D., Yelp

  • "Was recommended to us by a local as the best place to have a burger and fries. He was spot on! The pad Thai fries were out of this world delish!" - Misti C., Yelp

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