10 powerful phrases your husband deserves to hear from you

Have you forgotten to say thank you?

10 powerful phrases your husband deserves to hear from you

Have you forgotten to say thank you?
  • Words have the power to change the way you see your husband. They remind him of his worth, inner-strength and the love you have for him.

  • Your husband has done so much for you. He deserves to hear these 10 phrases:

  • 1. "You were right. I was wrong."

  • Admit when you are wrong, but more importantly tell your husband when he is right. Your husband means so much more to you than your pride, so show it.

  • Humility strengthens marriage more than almost anything else. Telling your husband he is right lets him know you care about and respect him.

  • 2. "I believe in you."

  • Why is this phrase often forgotten? It gives men an instant boost of confidence.

  • Life brings about many challenges that can drastically affect the emotional state of your husband. Use this phrase as a secret tool guaranteed to remind him of his worth.

  • 3. "You make me feel safe."

  • When you're wrapped in his arms, you know no harm will come to you. You are grateful for the reassurance he gives you but probably do not thank him enough. Change that today. No matter what type of safety it is, thank your husband for the safety he provides.

  • 4. "I value your leadership."

  • Remind your guy of what his leadership means to you by sharing with him how much you value him. This will strengthen his ability to overcome adversity and push through difficult day-to-day experiences.

  • 5. "I'm glad I married you."

  • Does he know you are happy with your choice to marry him? Make sure he knows by telling him! Tell him that, if you had to do it all over again, you would choose the same path and do things the same way. Tell him you could never be happier with any other man.

  • 6. "You did so well."

  • Acknowledge his accomplishments and praise his achievements. He knows you are watching him. He knows you are proud of him. But saying the words out loud brings a whole new meaning. Far too often we forget to share excitement with our spouse for their success. Doing so helps him recognize his achievements. It also brings the two of you closer together.

  • 7. "I appreciate all you do for our family."

  • You can never say thank you too many times. Remind your husband how grateful you are for the shoes he has filled as a husband and father. He has made plenty of sacrifices and would like to hear how his choices bless the family. Encourage him daily by reminding him of your appreciation.

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  • 8. "Thank you for the little things."

  • The garbage disposal broke again; the car needs vacuuming; and the children made a mess in the playroom. All of these things were taken care of by the time you had dinner ready because your husband loves you and your family. This probably happens more than once. Your husband should be given a thank you for it. All of the little things make a huge difference in your home by giving you peace of mind.

  • 9. "I want you."

  • A man needs to be reminded he is wanted - sexually and otherwise. Men typically show and feel love through physical affection, which is why it is important to constantly remind him you desire and want him. Hold him, kiss him, surprise him ... do all you can to show him that the fire you have is still very much alive.

  • 10. "I missed you."

  • Being apart is hard: sleeping alone, getting the kids ready for school by yourself, etc. It's especially difficult when work takes your husband away a lot.

  • Remind him how when he is gone he is missed. You love your time spent together, and it can't ever be replaced.

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