50 statements to guide your life

Do you have a life motto? You should!

50 statements to guide your life

Do you have a life motto? You should!
  • Several years ago, I went through an extremely difficult year in which everything went wrong. My bank account got hacked into and emptied. I was taking intense college classes and doing terribly. I had no friends or social life. I went through many different challenges, and it was terrible. I felt lonely, insecure and discouraged.

  • That year I also had to make some big decisions that would influence the direction of my life, and I was terrified. I felt so many mixed emotions and continually doubted my ability to succeed and accomplish my goals. I was afraid, and I let fear control my life.

  • Then one day I was reading a spiritual message and a line stood out to me that said, "Fear and faith cannot coexist in our hearts at the same time." Immediately in my mind I responded, "I choose faith." I wrote this down in my journal and it soon became my motto for that year. I repeated it to myself over and over. I made some big decisions and encouraged myself by declaring, "I choose faith."

  • Years have passed since that difficult time in my life, and life keeps getting harder and harder, but "I choose faith" is still my personal motto. I say it to myself ALL the time. When fears creep into my mind I reply back, "I choose faith." When I don't understand why certain things happen I respond, "I choose faith."

  • It works wonders.

  • I hope everyone finds a family or personal motto to guide and encourage through life's ups and downs.

  • Here are 50 ideas for your life motto

  • Life is to be enjoyed

  • Everything will be okay

  • Just be happy

  • Let it go

  • Keep going

  • One day at a time

  • I can do this

  • Joy in the journey

  • Get your butt behind you

  • It will all work out

  • Keep moving forward

  • In one hundred years it won't matter

  • Save guilt for sin

  • Let go and let God

  • Hope is the last to die

  • Life is good

  • Choose the right

  • Seize the day

  • One step at a time

  • I can do hard things

  • I am never alone

  • You only live once

  • Make yours a great life

  • I can do anything

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  • God knows better

  • I am loved

  • See the good

  • I choose my life

  • Keep on keeping on

  • Have courage and be kind

  • Smile, it will be okay

  • This too shall pass

  • Onwards and upwards

  • Just be yourself

  • Don't take the easy road

  • Expect the best

  • Just breathe

  • It's a new day

  • I love my life

  • Just keep swimming

  • I am not afraid

  • Never give up

  • All is well

  • I've got this

  • Do what you love

  • Count your blessings

  • Dare to be different

  • Refuse to sink

  • No regrets

  • Be the change

Alyssa graduated with a degree in Middle East Studies & Arabic and continually adds to her list of random life experiences as she faces one adventure after another. With too many hobbies to count she especially loves hip-hop, soccer, and photography.


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