21 signs you are DEFINITELY NOT a morning person

The struggle is real.

21 signs you are DEFINITELY NOT a morning person

The struggle is real.
  • 1. Your alarm clock is your worst enemy

  • 2. But really, waking up is just the worst

  • 3. Your reaction when someone wakes you up usually goes like this

  • 4. You do everything you can to stay in bed

  • 5. And as soon as you get up, you still just want to go back to sleep

  • 6. You find no beauty to behold before 10 a.m

  • 7. You have to pull yourself together just to eat your breakfast

  • 8. You are quick to explain your bad mood if someone gives you the stink eye

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  • 9. And then they tell you to cheer up because it's a beautiful day

  • 10. Your brain can't even process anything that early

  • 11. You set your alarm for an early morning workout, but it never goes as planned

  • 12. You are a firm believer in beauty sleep

  • 13. You really just don't understand how people can be happy in the morning

  • 14. You already want to take a nap tomorrow

  • 15. Everyone knows they will feel your wrath if they wake you up for no reason

  • 16. You nod off every time you sit down

  • 17. In fact, you really could just fall asleep anywhere

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  • 18. And Monday mornings are just the worst

  • 19. You are ready to take a nap the second you get home

  • 20. And your heart breaks when you realize you have to do it all again tomorrow

  • 21. But not to worry, your bed will always be waiting for you when you return

Chakell Wardleigh has a Bachelor of Arts in English. She spends her days silently (mostly) correcting others' grammar. She adores all things nerd, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare, and anything else that whisks her away from reality. She currently works as an editor for the FamilyShare team. You can usually find her with her nose in a book, laughing too loudly, or belting out songs from Hamilton.

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