7 reasons why you need to marry your best friend

Studies say marrying your best friend makes marriage even more amazing.

7 reasons why you need to marry your best friend

Studies say marrying your best friend makes marriage even more amazing.
  • There are many reasons why you should marry someone, but there are so many more benefits when your spouse is your best friend. The National Bureau of Economic Research in Canada conducted surveys of married couples in the United Kingdom in 2014 and concluded: "Well-being effects of marriage are about twice as large for those whose spouse is also their best friend." That means marrying your best friend makes the strength and experience of your marriage twice as fantastic as other marriages. What more can you ask for? Although it may be a cliché thought to wed your best friend, it could also be the greatest decision you ever make.

  • You will tell each other EVERYTHING

  • When something shocking or exciting happens, the first person you want to tell is your best friend because you know they will completely understand. How wonderful would it be to live with your best friend so you could share your stories the moment they happen? They will also be sincerely interested into everything you have to say, whether it is tragic, funny, or awkward. The conversation will never be one-sided. Having someone who never fails to listen to your dreams, give you advice and comfort your concerns is the greatest gift you could ever ask for in a marriage.

  • You will never stop laughing

  • A best friend is someone who makes you laugh even when you don't want to smile. You probably have a similar sense of humor and find each other hilarious. You will have inside jokes, stupid puns and hysterical memories to giggle about for hours. You won't ever have to exercise because you will have solid abdominal muscles from how often you two crack each other up.

  • You understand each other

  • You can give your best friend one look from far across a room and they know exactly what you're saying. You finish each other's sandwiches andsentences. You have memorized the smallest details about each other. You know he likes to eat a bowl of cereal before he goes to bed, and he knows your favorite movie is "Pride and Prejudice." You two are like two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. Together, you are complete and whole.

  • You will feel completely comfortable together

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  • Your best friend loves you at your best and worst moments. You can be yourself. You're able to talk about the most squeamish and uncomfortable topics with ease. Being comfortable with them also means you aren't afraid to show your emotions in front of them, and they will bring you tissues when you ugly cry. You won't be embarrassed when you dress up as a Jedi for the midnight premiere of the next Star Wars movie because they will dress up as well, even if it is just for you. It doesn't matter if your interests are different, they will support your decisions. You can be your complete dorky, outrageous self and they ultimately love you for all of your quirks and the qualities that make you who you are.

  • You will trust them more than anyone else

  • If you were dangling from a cliff, you would trust your best friend to save you. If they were stuck in a boring meeting, they would depend on you to send them funny text messages to entertain them. You trust each other more than any other person on the face of the earth. You trust them to keep their word, to take care of you, to love you and to make wonderful decisions even when you aren't around. The foundation of marriage is trust, and who is more trusting than the person who knows you like the back of their hand?

  • You will never feel alone

  • Marrying your best friend means you two are on each other's mind all hours of the day. You always have your favorite person to hang out and go on adventures with. You never have to part ways at the end of the day, and sleeping in the same house makes for a slumber party every night. You will never have to worry about being bored because you two are pros at finding fantastic and creative ways to spend your time together. Whether you are exploring a foreign country together, or going for a walk to the park, just being together makes you happy. And, with a hand always ready to hold yours, and a couch to cuddle on, there will be no reason to feel lonely.

  • You have been through everything together

  • You have seen each other at the worst and best of times. You constantly motivate them, or they push you to keep going. When one of you gives up, the other doesn't let you. There are no skeletons hiding in closets, and you two know every detail about one another. Against all odds, you two always work together to conquer the rough patches in life. They are your greatest supporter, cheerleader and partner in crime. And they will continue to be for the rest of your life together.

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