Dad chooses 'avant-garde' outfit for his daughter to wear to daycare and the Internet reacts

This week, a dad and his daughter went viral after the father sent the child to daycare in an outfit some would consider "avant-garde." Here's how the mom responded.

Dad chooses 'avant-garde' outfit for his daughter to wear to daycare and the Internet reacts

This week, a dad and his daughter went viral after the father sent the child to daycare in an outfit some would consider "avant-garde." Here's how the mom responded.
  • Everyone has flaws. For one Indiana dad, that flaw is fashion.

  • Earlier this week, mother Brooke Hawley-Basso decided to leave her baby in the care of her husband Jeremy. Totally normal, right? Well, it had a bit of an extraordinary outcome.

  • The daughter, seven-month-old Olivia, has actually become somewhat of "an avant-garde fashion icon" as a result of the decision, according to Mashable. Jeremy decided to dress his daughter up in just a pair of overalls, using them in the same way one would wear a dress.

  • Hawley-Basso thought it was hilarious, so she decided to post about it on Facebook.

  • My darling husband Jeremy got the baby dressed and took her to daycare this morning. This is how things went down when I picked her up! #daddyfail

    Posted by Brooke Hawley-Basso on Monday, June 20, 2016
  • "My darling husband Jeremy got the baby dressed and took her to day care this morning. This is how things went down when I picked her up!" she wrote in her post.

  • Parents weighed in on the decision, commenting on Brooke's post and saying that they similarly left their children with fathers only to see equally bad clothing decisions when they returned.

  • You can bet not everyone exactly loved the fashion - it's popularity more stems from its hilarity, after all.

  • "Don't worry, guys. This dad will probably never forget to dress his child in an undershirt again. Let's just hope things don't swing in the opposite direction and little Olivia isn't covered in undershirts on undershirts," according to Self magazine.

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  • Of course, other parents shared their actual experiences to BoredPanda, specifically how dads dressed their babies when moms were out of town or when they were at a loss for what to do.

  • In the images on BoredPanda, you can see dads wrapping their daughters in blankets, others dressing them up like Ace Ventura and one dad even clothing his son in a sleeveless shirt to show off those guns.

  • Though this entire scenario is ripe with comedy, it also shows how important it is for married couples to give eachother room for failure, since that can lead to less problems in a marriage over time, experts say.

  • Giving your spouse the freedom to fail can make your relationship stronger, according to Family Life, a web platform that promotes family values. When spouses feel that their partner will accept failures, it removes pressure from the relationship to always be perfect. It also allows your spouse to take more risks in their life, since they know you will be there to comfort them if they fail.

  • "When you give your spouse the freedom to fail, you begin to remove the pressure to perform for acceptance. You free your mate to take risks and try again. You free him to excel. Failure then becomes a tutor, not a judge," FamilyLife explained.

  • But there's also a chance you can be too critical of your spouse, which may drive him or her away from your relationship and make them feel like they can't succeed.

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  • In fact, as The Huffington Post's Brittany Wong explained, having unrealistic expectations for your marriage may also make a relationship crumble, since you don't see the relationship for what it is and fail to accept your partner and his or her personality.

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  • Some partners may also think their particular views about the relationship are shared by the other person, according to Heitler. That is to say, when you think everything is fine and copasetic in the relationship, you neglect to look for the issues that are actually plaguing it, Heitler wrote.

  • "It's true in all the professions, medical doctors, and it's true in trades, carpenters, electricians, engineers; all have very positive views of their own effects on patients or their subject matter and most see themselves as much better than the average," psychology researcher Michael Lambert said, according to Psychology Today. "It's a universal phenomenon."

  • And, as in the case with Jeremy and his wife, sometimes anger may make you even more critical, not giving your partner room to fail. When you're angry with your spouse, your focus on their flaws may intensify, which only creates more problems in the relationship.

  • That's why Heitler suggests couples realize that their partner makes mistakes. It'll improve the relationship and give both partners a chance to keep their relationship strong.

  • "Your spouse is not perfect. You aren't either," she wrote. "Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone sometimes does things in a manner other than what their significant other would have preferred. That's how we all are made. That's the deal about receiving the privilege of being alive. And that's the deal when we accept the privilege and blessings of becoming a marriage partner."

  • Of course, when you do want to talk to your partner about failures, it can be tough to offer your spouse criticisms. Here's how Dr. Geraldine Merola Barton, Ph.D., recommends you talk to your spouse about critiques that you may have.

  • 1. Approach with a loving attitude

  • Make sure you approach the conversation with the goal in mind of making your partner feel cared for and that they know you still love them. This will make the criticism go down smoother, Barton wrote.

  • 2. Make sure to compliment, too

  • If you've got a complaint, make sure you pepper it with some kind words, she said. This will act as a cushion to soften the complaint's harsh blow.

  • 3. Don't be angry

  • As experts above mentioned, anger when doling out a criticism will make it tougher to accept, Barton wrote.

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  • 4. Use specifics

  • Your partner may deny the criticism that you offer, according to Barton. But with specific examples, you can show him or her where they went wrong.

  • 5. Offer solutions

  • If you're going to criticize your spouse, make sure you have a plan on how your partner can fix their mistakes in the future.

  • "What specific changes would you like? Ask your partner to suggest possible solutions. Be ready to hear how you can change as well," Barton wrote.

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