25 creative ways to have the best camping experience ever

Guarantee your family will love camping.

25 creative ways to have the best camping experience ever

Guarantee your family will love camping.
  • It's summer time and all you want to do is go camping. The smell of the fresh pinecones, the chirping of the birds and the beautiful sunrise are waiting just around the corner.

  • There is just one small problem ... your family does not have the same desire as you. How can you guarantee they will love camping just as much as you do? Here are 25 fun and creative ways to do just that.

  • 1. Keep the energy high

  • If you want to show your family how fun camping is, do not let them think for a second that you are not having the best time!

  • 2. Cook campfire cones

  • Ever heard of campfire cones? They are a fun spin-off of s'mores that include a waffle cone, strawberries and much more.

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  • 3. Bring games

  • Hiking, cooking and scavenger hunts are fun, but bringing other outdoor games is a great way to engage the family! Consider a beanbag toss, ring toss, volleyball net and ball, various card games, etc.

  • 4. Lie in a hammock

  • Find a branch, put up a hammock and let your spouse read a book. Who can say no?

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  • 5. Plan adventures

  • Find the hiking trials, make the scavenger hunt and plan the star-watching activities beforehand. You want to do all you can to maximize the family fun!

  • 6. Pack camping chairs

  • Logs are sticky, old and not the most comfortable to lounge on. Bring camping chairs for a more positive experience.

  • 7. Take a camping grill

  • A small griddle will do the trick. You won't regret the investment.

  • 8. Sleep under the stars

  • Okay, not everyone enjoys actually sleeping under the stars, but lie out for a bit. The skies are so beautiful if you take the time to look up.

  • 9. Ensure a comfy sleep

  • Whether you use an air mattresses, foam rollers or foam floor tiles on the tent floor, make sure your sleeping arrangements are as comfortable as possible.

  • 10. Make campfire donuts

  • Are you ever out in the middle of the woods and all you want to eat is a donut? Well, here is a recipe to fight that craving.

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  • 11. Bring a portable radio

  • Be prepared! You never know when this will be helpful.

  • 12. Use flashlights

  • For fun and for safety, every camper should have one.

  • 13. Cook on a stick

  • Are there kids in your family? Have a fire and let them cook over it with a stick. Kids love the adventure this brings, and it is super simple for you to prepare.

  • 14. Don't forget bug spray

  • No matter where you go camping, there will be bugs - lots of them. Prevent the miserable bites by bringing tons and tons of bug spray. Also add sage to the fire to keep mosquitoes away.

  • 15. Remember a camping lantern

  • Make sure to bring a lantern for the nights when a fire by itself just won't do. There are many great DIY lantern ideas if you want to get creative.

  • 16. Do dutch oven cooking

  • Dutch oven cooking is always a great option. You can make just about anything in dutch ovens and kids love watching the food cook.

  • 17. Buy paper products

  • Don't buy nice camping dinnerware. Paper burns in the fire just great. And you don't have to worry about washing up after eating; you can just enjoy the rest of the evening with your family.

  • 18. Prep a first-aid kit

  • Don't forget that safety is always first. Fill an old prescription bottle with Band-Aids and keep them on you for immediate use.

  • 19. Use easy fire starters

  • Although you'll likely be in the woods, you may not be able to find fire-starter wood and kindling close by. Bring charcoal in an egg carton for an immediate fire.

  • 20. Be an orange-peel genius

  • Cook muffins or cinnamon rolls in a hollowed-out orange over the campfire - delicious and super simple.

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  • 21. Load camping blankets

  • For lounging or sleeping, pack extra blankets for multiple uses.

  • 22. Spice it up

  • Don't accept bland food. Fill old Tic Tac containers with the spices you will want for easy use.

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  • 23. Stuff that cooler like a pro

  • Make sure the cooler has all of the necessary snacks and drinks for easy access.

  • 24. Prepare for all weather

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  • Rain or shine, you will still have fun as long as you packed accordingly.

  • 25. Create tin-foil dinners

  • You can pack whatever you want in tin foil and put it over the fire. Prepare your family's favorite food and show them how great it will taste over the fire.

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