9 signs your man is a keeper

If he does these 9 things, he is a keeper.

9 signs your man is a keeper

If he does these 9 things, he is a keeper.
  • You are in a good relationship — he opens your door, texts you good morning and goodnight, shows you off to all his friends and he makes you happier than anyone else. Every time you are with him, you have the time of your life and your relationship is great.

  • Everything is going well, but how do you know if you want this guy to stick around? How do you know he is a keeper? Here are a some signs to help you recognize if your man is one to keep or one to kick to the curb:

  • 1. He is humble

  • A man who can be humble and gracious in all circumstances is a keeper. Humble men can take any stressful situation and keep a steady head while they ponder a well-thought-out solution. A humble man is a natural leader who can hear and take all voices into account before making a decision.

  • 2. Vocalizes his appreciation

  • If your man takes the time to thank you and praise you for being the woman he loves and adores, he is a keeper. If he can acknowledge all the little and large things you do for him and can strip himself of pride to offer a vulnerable expression of appreciation, he is a rare breed.

  • 3. He's not afraid to single you out

  • There is nothing more attractive than a man who is willing to go out on a whim and single out the girl he is interested in. He is willing to call you out of your friend group and place you in his own unique spotlight. If he makes you feel like the only girl in the room, do not let him go!

  • 4. But he does not put you on display

  • He singles you out and makes you feel special, but he does not put you on display. He does not see you as just another pretty girl to show off to his friends. He is proud to be the guy seen next to you. He wants to show off how smart and courageous you are ... not just how pretty you are.

  • 5. He makes you a priority in his schedule

  • A man who dedicates a specific amount of time to the girl he adores is a keeper. Time is precious and strategically divided. You set time aside to call your friends, exercise, go to work and spend time with your significant other. Keep the man who is willing to dedicate a large amount of his time to you.

  • 6. He wants to be better because of you

  • When a man loves a woman, he will do just about anything for her. A man who is willing to work harder to be a little bit better because of you is a keeper. His ability to recognize all of your good qualities and appreciate your example will make you want to live up to the standards and expectation you have created for yourself. Together you will both become the best you can be.

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  • 7. He lets you speak your mind

  • A man who is willing to let you speak your mind is a keeper. His ability to hear everything you have to say shows he is invested in your thoughts and mind not just your body. If he sits and listens to your daily rants, emotionally loaded conversations and not so funny jokes, hold on to him.

  • 8. He balances bromance and romance

  • There is a time and a place for guy time. Boys will be boys, and it is important for a man to take the time to get all of his man-inspired energy out with his friends. But a true gentleman recognizes the times where it is appropriate to be with bros and the times he needs to be with his girl.

  • 9. He respects your space

  • A man that can give you room to breathe and live in your own skin is a keeper. His ability to give you alone time to relax, unwind and rejuvenate is beneficial for both you and him. He values your opinions and freedom. He does not confine you to feel and do things a certain way. He lets you do you and loves you all the same.

Hannah Rose is a content writer for Deseret Digital Media. She loves to run, sing and dance in her spare time.

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