If your husband does these 10 things, he's the best father ever

No father is perfect, but it's amazing to know there are dads who do these top 10 meaningful things.

If your husband does these 10 things, he's the best father ever

No father is perfect, but it's amazing to know there are dads who do these top 10 meaningful things.
  • Mothers are natural nurturers - no doubt about it. There's something hard-wired in their brains that allows them to care for their children like no one else can.

  • But what about men?

  • Let's face it. These primal beasts are far from being classified as natural nurturers. (Point in case: I've inadvertently killed every office plant I've ever owned.) However, this doesn't mean men can't become more than just "providers."

  • So, what makes a good father great? What separates a mediocre dad from one who genuinely loves his children?

  • If your husband does these 10 things, then he is undoubtedly the best father ever.

  • 1. He makes time to spend with his kids

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  • This seems like a no-brainer, but sadly it isn't for many fathers throughout the world. We live in a society where there are distractions without end, but a good father understands things are only things. He wants to spend his time with his wife and children more than anything else.

  • But wait.

  • Though this sounds good, in reality it isn't enough.

  • There are millions of good fathers out there who want to spend time with their kids more than anything. So what? Wanting to spend time with the kids does nothing for them. Children still miss out on all that comes from having a relationship with Dad if he only wants to spend time with them.

  • The best father is different. He will do anything to make time for his kids. He won't settle for just wanting to spend time with them.

  • 2. He not only talks but also listens to his kids

  • The best father listens to his kids about anything. If it's important to them, then it's important to him. Children sometimes tell Dad things they don't want to tell Mom. The opposite is also true.

  • So, when a dad listens to his kids, he brings an additional element of trust into his family.

  • 3. He supports his kids in their extracurricular activities

  • The best father supports his kids in their sports and other hobbies. He might not be able to make it to every game or dance recital, but he sacrifices to be there when he can. He puts the needs of his children before his own.

  • This simple act of love means the world to children. It's one thing to have Mom come to an event, but it's a completely different story when Dad shows up.

  • 4. He actively helps make major decisions that affect his kids

  • Your husband is the best father if he actively helps you make big decisions that affect your children. This means he doesn't just lazily sit by and say you should decide everything because you alone "know what's best for the kids."

  • He understands that detached behavior like this only damages your marriage and ability as parents.

  • The best kind of father talks openly with you and your children about important decisions. He plays a central role in helping to determine what's best for his family. He does not try to passively coach from the sidelines.

  • 5. He likes to be home more than he likes to be at work

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  • Too many dads use their jobs as excuses for not being there for their kids. Yes, fathers have to work hard to provide for their families. But at what point does their "providing" begin to damage the relationship they have with their children?

  • No father's job, no matter how well it pays, is worth losing his kids over.

  • Prominent educator and religious leader Harold Lee said, "The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home."

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  • 6. He does the hard things, not just the easy things

  • The best fathers will mop up puke. Of course they won't like it, but they'll do it. They'll also help change diapers, stay home with sick kids, make sack lunches and do all of the other mundane tasks that come with being a parent.

  • Saying "no" is one of the hardest things great fathers do. Unlike many other fathers, the best dads don't turn Mom into the "bad cop." They don't rely on her to always be the onr who says no to the kids staying out late, wearing a certain outfit, or getting that new phone all of their friends have.

  • The best dad won't just do the easy things while leaving all the other hard and messy things up to his wife. He will man up and embrace those less glamorous parts of being a dad.

  • 7. He treats his kids with respect and doesn't expect perfection

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  • The best fathers compliment their kids and build up their self-esteem. They respect their children for who they are and treat them in a way that is appropriate for their ages.

  • The best dad doesn't expect his kids to be perfect or behave like full-grown adults. He understands kids are kids.

  • 8. He helps his kids with their homework

  • It is no small moment when a child asks his or her dad for homework help. It is in these situations when Dad can either make or break his child's perspective on school and the importance of education.

  • If your husband is the best father, then he takes the time to sit down with his kids and help them learn. He doesn't just say, "Go ask your mom."

  • He also supports your efforts in encouraging your kids to finish their homework before they have fun with friends, watch TV or play on their devices.

  • 9. He shows his kids physical affection

  • While showing physical affection can sometimes be difficult for dads, saying "I love you" isn't enough for kids. The best dads show their love through hugs and other appropriate forms of physical touch.

  • It's important for children to experience this aspect of love from both parents, not just from the mother alone.

  • 10. He makes sure his kids know how much he loves his wife

  • No man is a great father until his kids understand the deep love he has for their mother. Kids need to frequently see that their dad loves their mom. This creates a strong foundation for children's healthy development and will leave a lasting imprint on their own future relationships.

  • The best dad never abuses his wife -the mother of his children - physically, emotionally or verbally. Though he won't always agree with you (which is actually a good thing), he will give you the dignified respect you deserve. This is because he knows you have given him what makes him happiest in life: his family.

  • Thank you, good fathers, for all you do. The world needs more men like you.

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